About Us

About Us

The mission and vision of Current reflects the need for communities to position themselves to attract and retain young talent. In an age where talent will soon become increasingly difficult to find, Current works to not only keep those individuals in our community, but also to find ways to develop them as the next generation of community and business leaders.

Mission statement
The purpose of Current is to attract, engage, develop and retain young talent in Greater Green Bay.

Vision statement
Current shall showcase the advantages of living and working in the Greater Green Bay area so that it is appealing to prospective residents, attractive to new arrivals and revitalizing for long-term residents.

Current offers programming that aims to bring together young professionals for a common purpose. A creative balance of professional development, leadership development and social networking events offers our members ample opportunity to create new friendships, forge long-term business partnerships and provides exposure to countless community events, activities and venues that our members may not have otherwise considered. This combination contributes to our ability to attract and retain young talent.

Main events
Current hosts several main events each month that focus on topics appealing to young professionals. From cultural experiences to themed entertainment, we balance the need for social networking with professional development to meet our membership’s need for personal growth.

Educational seminars
Current organizes educational seminars to address the growing demand to develop both personally and professionally. Seminars range from such topics as how to effectively network to sound financial management. Whatever the topic, Current engages its audience in a meaningful and productive way.

Group activities
Current members are able to join interest groups that organize and plan activities outside of regularly sanctioned Current events. The purpose is to bring together members of Current that share a common interest that want to participate in community events and activities specific to the interest group theme. Visit our group activities page to learn more.

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