Business and Diversity

Business and Diversity 

Why Diversity?
Diversity is a concept by which an organization seeks and values the talents, abilities, ideas and viewpoints of men, women, minority groups, people with disabilities and veterans.

Embracing diversity can spark innovation, because diverse organizations have personnel who bring new approaches and fresh perspectives.

Diversity contributes to an organizational climate which responds to changing demographics.

Diversity can ensure that an organization has employees, members, participants or advisors who reflect the rich diversity of our community.

Diverse workplaces make good economic sense: in the upper Mid-West, there has been a 46-66 percent rise in the number of minority-owned businesses. Nationwide, women-owned businesses have grown faster than male-owned.  Currently 30% of the US population over 25 is minority; 41% of the US population between 5 and 17 is minority; and 45% of the US population under 5 is minority. 

Sources: College Board Advocacy and Policy Center, Census Bureau and the United States Coast Guard.