Business Appreciation Week

Business Appreciation Week is a great way for us to show our businesses that we care! 

in the first year BEAR and the respective municipalities connected with 36 area businesses to thank them for being a part of our community. During the visit, a certificate of appreciation was given and municipal leaders had the opportunity to interact with the business community. This week is meant as a retention tactic to support existing businesses in the area.

We are excited to build on what we learned from our first year, and continue to create an environment where existing businesses know that they are valued and we appreciate the vital role they play in our community.

We are thankful to Advance for organizing the Business Appreciation Week event last fall. The event provided us another platform to interact with the business community. We were able to see familiar faces and meet new ones as well. For the businesses that we have continuous dialogue with, the event was a chance to say a simple ‘thank you,’ which is something that can never be communicated enough. For the new introductions, the event gave us a starting point and a chance to say, ‘welcome to our community’ and ‘how can we help?’ We look forward to working with Advance in the future on ways to promote the business climate in Allouez and all of Brown County.  -Village of Allouez

We greatly enjoyed working with the Greater Green Bay Chamber for Business Appreciation Week. It was a tremendous opportunity to connect with local businesses and offer them much-deserved recognition. Many of the businesses we spoke to expressed how enjoyable it was to connect with us and how much they appreciated this recognition. And, from our perspective, we certainly appreciate what they do and offer our community, so this was a nice chance to let our outstanding businesses know they are highly-thought of, appreciated and supported; not just when they arrive in our city, but throughout every step forward and milestone they achieve in De Pere. -City of De Pere