Find Your Inspiration is a career exploration experience for every 8th grade student at each of our Partners in Education school districts.
Nearly 4,000 eighth grade students from across Greater Green Bay attend this event developed by the Greater Green BayChamber Partners in Education in response to area school districts’ requests for support with Academic and Career Planning. Find Your Inspiration allows students to explore countless career paths, whether they want to work right after graduation, attend a technical college, move on to a four-year degree program or beyond.
Additionally, teachers and counselors attending are encouraged to learn about Greater Green Bay careers, identify connections to their curriculum, and continue career education through the year with their students. In our inaugural year, many educators arrived unaware of the scope and significance of this opportunity. Our hope is that the information included on this page will help the students and staff have a meaningful and enjoyable experience. 
As a Partners in Education member the only cost to your district is busing to and from the event which is arranged by our planning committee. The event managers also raise sponsorship dollars and grant funding to alleviate busing costs. If you have suggestions for potential sponsors or grants, please pass these along to our staff.

Educator Guide

Lesson Plan Templates

Parent Letter 

Event Schedule

Mobile and Desktop App with:

  • Maps and Directions 
  • Post Event Survey (Required to receive busing funds)
  • Exhibitor Profiles and Career Information
  • Career Exploration Social Media Access