Why Businesses Should Get involved

Why business should get involved in Youth Apprenticeship (YA)

The two-year Youth Apprenticeship program can’t operate without the support of the local business community. Businesses offer mentored on-the-job learning that complements the high school and post-secondary classroom instruction students receive through the program. The businesses provide a mentor; they receive access to a skilled workforce that’s interested in their industry.

Here are a few insights on why businesses have stepped up and mentor students through the YA program:
  • "Our employees really like having the students. Our juniors work as certified nursing assistants and our seniors do rotations through different areas including therapy and diagnostics and health information. Sometimes, we have the opportunity to hire students after they graduate. It’s really nice to see them come full circle. I really encourage [businesses to participate]. It’s a great way to get younger people interested in the field." – Michelle Vlies, human resource generalist, Aurora BayCare
  • "[We benefit] by directly helping to develop the workforce. It’s an opportunity for students to understand the field and hopefully choose a path to replace workers who are going to be retiring. You get an opportunity to influence the next generation. That time spent will pay off down the road." – Rory Reinhold, EMT International
  • "We’re always for education. In healthcare, there is a shortage of quality workers and we do what we can for schools. We hope the benefit is a future good worker. We try to integrate students into different phases [of healthcare] and work them up to heavier care needs individuals. You’re molding them and letting them know the traits you need – whether it be healthcare or elsewhere." – Don Zunker, owner, Grancare

The Youth Apprenticeship program is always seeking businesses to participate. For more information on how to become involved, contact Brandon Peterson, Youth Apprenticeship manager, at 920.593.3406.