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Current Committee Chair Positions Open:

Steering Committee
Vice Chair (3 year commitment)
Chair (2 year commitment)
Past Chair (1 year commitment)
2 Ad-hoc positions (2 year commitment)
Community Partnership Committee
Vice Chair (2 year commitment)
Chair (1 year commitment)
Social Engagement
Vice Chair (2 year commitment)
Chair (1 year commitment)
Professional Development
Vice Chair (2 year commitment)
Chair (1 year commitment)

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Leadership Team 

One of the keys to Current's success has undoubtedly been the active engagement from its members serving as committee volunteers. While serving on a committee is an optional part of membership, it’s a great way to develop meaningful relationships with other committee members while advancing a cause important to our mission and community.

With over 100 active committee volunteers serving on six standing committees and several other ad-hoc committees, there’s no shortage of opportunity for you to meet other young professionals in a more productive capacity. All while gaining experience and being a part of something that is having a long-term impact on our community.

Steering Committee: The Steering Committee is an advisory committee to Current Young Professionals that focuses on both the strategic and tactical aspects of programming. Other responsibilities include the oversite of all committees in the program’s model, staying informed on the voice of the young professionals and actively recruiting Current members, and acting ambassadors to the public and business community. Committee participants include chairs from supporting Current committees, two Ad-hoc positions, and a Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair positions. Committee participants must submit an application and complete an interview prior to being appointed. This committee meets once per month. 

Ambassador Committee: Current ambassadors are responsible for the recruitment and retention of individual and corporate members. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining relationships between Current and other outside organizations. A partial list of responsibilities include meeting with new members, meeting with prospective corporate members, assisting with membership renewals and presenting to local community organizations.

YPAC: The Young Professional Advisory Council is designed to engage young professionals civically by identifying or creating programmatic or policy opportunities of importance to the young professionals of Green Bay and Brown County by communicating with our elected officials on issues of importance to the young professionals of the Greater Green Bay area. YPAC engages with young professionals, community members and organizations to understand what is important to the modern young professional. Issues identified should impact the ability for the Greater Green Bay area to attract and retain professionals. This committee also will leverage learnings from other communities and stay active in local development and policy proposals to address key issues. Participation on this committee includes meeting regularly with the Mayor of Green Bay and the County Executive. An application process is required prior to participation and this committee meets once per month.

Professional Development Committee: The Professional Development Committee oversees the development, planning and execution of all programming within the Current Young Professionals organization that focuses on the professional development of our members. Committee volunteers will work closely with our corporate members, community partners, and other organizations to address opportunities to assist with the development of the young professionals' workforce. Programming includes Lunch n’ Learn style events, Workshops, a Mentorship Program, and additional opportunities discovered by our committee members. This committee meets once per month and works closely with our Social Engagement and Community Partnership Committee participants. List of members coming soon.

Social Engagement Committee: The Social Engagement Committee focuses on creating opportunities to assist young professionals in making connections in our community. Expanding a young professionals social network is an essential aspect of young professional retention that supports Current’s overall mission. This committee works closely with our entire membership focusing on event planning and other creative programming to assist our members in making the essential connections needed for a young professional to expand their network. Some of these events include After 5 social networking, Discover events that are activity based, and working closely with interns brought to our area by partnering organizations in efforts of retaining them long term in our community. Our Social Engagement volunteers work closely with our Professional Development and Community Partnership Committee volunteers and meets once per month. List of members coming soon. 

Community Partnership Committee: With a philanthropic focus, the Community Partnership Committee works closely with local organizations encouraging young professionals to get involved and be active in our community. This committee will also design events around specific topics and issues important to our local young professionals through participation with the statewide YPWeek movement. Ultimately, the overall goal is to help young professionals find their passions and help them make connections in the community to help our area and at the same time achieving young professional retention through these efforts. This committee works closely with the Professional Development and Social Engagement committees in addition to the Young Professional Advisory Council. This committee meets once per month.