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Get Current is an e-mail newsletter distributed to prospective and existing members of Current. Content includes notices about upcoming events, member profiles and announcements or issues pertinent to young professionals. Membership is not required to receive Get Current. Current will never share your contact information.

Future 15 Publication
Current, in conjunction with the Green Bay Press-Gazette, publishes a special insert that's included with every Sunday edition of the Green Bay Press-Gazette prior to our Future 15 & Young Professional Awards event. The publication profiles each of the Future 15 recipients and provides a basic overview of Current's programming.

Global Impact Survey
Current conducted a survey of young professionals in the Greater Green Bay area. The survey results measure young professionals' perception of the community's quality of life, predicts possible flight from the community, measures the impact young professionals are making on the community and evaluates the success of our program as it pertains to attraction and retention initiatives. The same survey was administered to young professionals across the county and the results from Current's survey can be compared to the global survey for benchmarking purposes. Of particular significance is the measurement of Greater Green Bay in seven community indexes including Cost of Lifestyle, Earning, Vitality, Learning, Around Town, After Hours and Social Capital. While Greater Green Bay was deficient in every category with respect to value vs. perception, when our variance was compared globally, we fared quite well. Particularly, Green Bay outperforms the national average in Cost of Lifestyle, Around Town, Earning and Learning. Download the survey results by clicking on the appropriate icon below.

Survey sponsored by: Moving Type, LLC

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