SOUP | Support of Urban Projects

SOUP Dinner & Presentation (virtual) | Thursday, Nov. 12 | 6 - 7:30 p.m.





Project #1 | FAMILIES WIN
presented by Renita Robinson.

The YWCA is supporting marginalized youths by focusing on fitness exploration and healthy eating in route to self-empowerment. However, transportation is a barrier to participation for families in the Green Bay Area. This microgrant will remove the barrier of transportation and will provide children from low-resourced families the breadth of opportunities these programs provide.

Project #2 | BECAUSE WE CARE PACKAGES | Download PDF flyer
presented by Nan Pahl in partnership with The Salvation Army of Greater Green Bay.

Demand for food assistance has increased dramatically since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 3,000 pantry bags being distributed to individuals, families, and seniors since March. Low-income residents are disadvantaged in having to choose between buying food or cleaning products to stay safe. With the help of this microgrant, Because We Care Packages will be distributed to those unable to purchase sanitation and cleaning products.  Each package will include hand sanitizer, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, bathroom cleaner, antibacterial hand soap, and kitchen/countertop cleaner.

Project #3 | CEASING THE STIGMA | Download PDF flyer
presented by Cassandra Joosten.

Ceasing the Stigma is a mental health event series at the The Richard Mauthe Center designed to create conversations and provide resources regarding mental health. Through a variety of different events, this project seeks to cease the stigma regarding mental health, while also providing a safe environment for those who may be struggling to cope or reach out for help. This series has already been implemented, but this microgrant would help secure presenters and promotion of events. Programming includes art pieces, photography, educational fairs, round table dinner discussions and smashing of scales.

Project #4 | TABLE CONVERSATION | Download PDF Flyer
presented by Stacey Burkhart, but contributors also include Tommy Mlodzik, Chris Rugowski, and Xavier Horkman.

SAGE is seeking to fill restaurant dining rooms affected by social distancing with art that shares a story. Artists will create a physical art piece in the form of a stuffed toy tea party, with stuffed animals made from pieces of clothing contributed by the community. A QR code at the art display will provide access to the accompanying website, where portraits of our contributing neighbors and their stories can be seen, read and shared. This microgrant will fund a single project’s basic needs, including set-up and supplies.

presented by Brian Johnson and Brittany Pyatt

Fort Howard Neighborhood Association is building a first-of-its-kind Children’s Market to develop an entrepreneurial mindset of curiosity, innovation and initiative for the children of FHNA. The vision is to create a space for children to make and sell their own wares while learning and applying the important skills of entrepreneurship. To support children in this endeavor, FHNA will provide creation days, promotion and physical booths designed like miniature storefronts. This program will provide an opportunity for kids in our neighborhood to be paired with a mentor and work on an entrepreneurial plan to sell their products in partnership with On Broadway events. This microgrant will fund startup supplies for children to make their products.

What is SOUP?

SOUP (Support Of Urban Projects) is a forum in which community members can share their ideas for how to enhance the quality of life for residents in our communities. Dinner is served at the forum and a micro-grant is awarded to one individual/organization from funds collected at the forum.

How does it work?

The Community Partnership, a committee of Current Young Professionals, will host a dinner featuring soup and three to five grant proposals made by community members for projects that will enhance the quality of life in greater Green Bay. Everyone in attendance will contribute $5. In exchange, they will receive a delicious meal and the opportunity to decide which project they want to fund.

Proceeds from each meal become the grant that will be awarded to the chosen project, which will be voted upon by all present at the dinner. The minimum award for the winning project will be $500 with potential to receive more depending on attendancethe more people in attendance, the more funds available to award!

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Projects must be located within the Greater Green Bay area and positively impact the community in at least one of the following areas:

  • Public art and culture
    • Public art
    • Art education

  • Connectivity/activity
    • Health and wellness
    • Transportation
    • Community accessibility

  • Cultivating engagement, diversity and inclusivity
    • Social engagement
    • Jobs
    • Civic engagement

  • Place-making/neighborhoods/community engagement
    • Space-making
    • Gathering spaces
    • Neighborhood revitalization

Not all submitted projects will be selected to present at the SOUP event. A proposal committee will pre-screen submissions for appropriate projects and content, feasibility in getting funding, conflicts of interest and other guidelines.

How do you apply for a micro-grant?

The application is simple and brief. For a chance to present at SOUP, please click on the link above. If your proposal is selected by the selection committee for presentation at the SOUP event, you will be invited to the dinner where you will present your project.


If you have any questions, please contact Mallory Nash at or at 920.593.3408.

*Thoroughly review your submission before sending; incomplete proposals will not be considered. You may want to type your answers in a word processor and save the document before electronic submission.

**Projects should be ready to implement once money is awarded. Awardees will have six months to begin their project and will be asked to share progress at a future SOUP event.