Promoting the discovery of passions and development of a plan for success! helps students, educators, parents and community members connect, communicate and collaborate with local employers to support career exploration, like job shadows, internships, work-site tours, career speakers, youth apprenticeship and more.

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How Works utilizes the four components of academic and career planning to support career exploration.

Connecting Students to Employers

Our future workforce can learn from employers and employees who understand their profession, are knowledge about the education needed to be successful in an industry, and who are also invested in our community's success.

Connecting Educators to Employers

Educators can connect with experienced professionals to support student opportunities and promote engagement in career-based learning to develop an INSPIRED workforce.

Connecting Parents to Career Conversations

Equipping parents with tools and questions to initiate career conversations with their child(ren) to support the development of our future workforce. 

What is Academic & Career Planning?


Per the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Academic and Career Planning, (ACP) “is a student-driven, adult supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post-high school success. This is obtained through self-exploration, career exploration and the development of other necessary employability skills."

Step 1: KNOw

Get to know your interests, skills, strengths and life you inspire to lead by using assessment tools and learning about careers.


Step 2: Explore

Explore the multitude of careers available to match your interests and life goals. Discover the education that will help you attain your inspired life.

Step 3: Plan

After identifying a career interest area, develop a plan by setting goals and benchmarks along the way and utilizing career resources to prepare.

Step 4: GO

Go! - Execute your plan utilizing the Life skills developed along the way. Be sure to recalculate as needed if interests or skills change along the way.

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