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Educators understand the need for lessons to be relevant and valuable to students. Hands-on, real-world experiences have the ability to provide students with impactful knowledge that will guide them on their paths to success. enables educators to easily connect with local business professionals who want to share their knowledge, expertise and passion.

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  • Classroom speakers
  • Site tours
  • Career-based video viewig
  • School career fair exhibitors
  • Mock interviews
  • And more in order to link classroom learning to the workforce

Why Use

Connect with Employers

With over 200 greater Green Bay companies participating, there are more than 250 educator and student opportunities to connect with career learning experiences. Search for a specific career pathway or industry and chose a a career experience opportunity and/or find career exploration resources for your classroom.  


 Facilitate Quality Career Experiences & Activities

Using our tool-kits and career resources can support and bring relevance to the classroom lessons and expand your knowledge of career pathways to ensure future success for your students.

And reinforce the Life Skills that will support them throughout their future in any career


Streamline Academic & Career Planning

Since, Academic and Career Planning is a statewide initiative to integrate career exploration and planning throughout schools, businesses, home life and the community, utilize these local resources to support your students through their journey. .

Additional Career Resources

Find Your Inspiration Event Experience

An in-person, interactive career exploration experience in Green Bay for students of all ages to interact with over 60 local businesses.

printable Career Cluster Poster

Help students understand their interest can lead to a career field and all careers are categories into groups to help direct them into pathways.

Career Resources for Students

Guide students through the career exploration process by showing them the resources available, including sample resumes, planing guides, scholarship links, community organizations and more.

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