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As an employer, show your employees that you care about them personally as well as professionally by scheduling a Parents We Need You presentation for your worksite!

The twenty minute presentation, with ten minutes for questions, offers the opportunity for employers to host an introductory presentation to the Parent Engagement efforts.

The main goal for this program is to share the message to parents, guardians, grandparents, mentors, etc. that their children cannot do this on their own. Children need guidance, and that begins with parents. Parenting has a lot of different aspects and these resources are a a gentle reminder that helps parents to have an awareness of what they can be doing to help their children plan their future.

The Greater Green Bay Chamber’s "Parents, We Need You!" movement encourages parents, guardians and mentors to work with their children to know themselves, explore their options, plan their future and go make their dreams come true using their skills. It is never too early to help a child figure out what he/she is interested in. Also, many companies hire based on the best ‘cultural fit,’ otherwise known as their life skills.

You can receive more information today by inviting the "Parent, We Need You!" committee members to present more thoroughly about this program and its benefits.



Hear it from a Human Resource Professional and a Parent

Sara Oettinger,
manager-talent acquisition,
Imperial Supplies

“I was already familiar with Parents, We Need You before the program presentation offered at work, and I support it. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a call for help from parents. Our communities and our educators need us, as parents, to be more actively engaged with our children in figuring out who they are and how their skills can translate in a career. There needs to be more of a partnership between parents and educators to create long-term success for our children and our community.

As a parent of three, this program has helped to push me out of my comfort zone. We should all be motivated to expose our children to activities and experiences we wouldn’t ordinarily be interested in to grow and discover their skills and interests. It pushes you as a parent to think more critically about the whole family trying new things.

This program is in place to help parents to be more mindful and gives you the tools to approach these conversations with our children on an ongoing basis.”

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