Career Resources

There are many resources available to help you as explore you career interests, see the careers in action, learn and practice the skills needed to be successful, prepare for and get help paying for college or career training options, and apply for your dream career.  Connect with businesses in your career interest area to request a job shadow, ask for a mock interview in which you bring your resume and cover letter, ask questions to a career coach, apply for youth apprenticeship, and so much more. Utilize these resources to meet your needs.

Preparing for Career Exploration Opportunity

Sample Email to Request Exploration 

Sample text to be edited and used to request a exploration opportunity with a local business.

Career Experience Consent Form

Sample consent form to assist in providing a safe career exploration experience for students under age 18 - document to present to educators/school administration.

Sample Exploration Questions

Questions to be used during exploration opportunity to foster conversation between explorer and industry professional.

Career Exploration Process

General steps/guide to ensure a student exploration experience is professional and easy for the student, educator, and business contact. 

Cluster Information

Information document to showcase the 16 federally recognized career clusters, as well as the careers/jobs related to that pathway.

 Career Planning Document

A printable document to guide individuals through the academic journey in high school, college, apprentice and/or beyond to find a career in their interest area.

Preparing for Future Education

Financing Your Inspiration

Attend a two-part workshop series to learn about options for paying for a credential, whether that is with a 4-year college, technical school, apprenticeship, or on-site training.

Find Your College Fit

Choosing your path after high school is difficult - use these ideas to direct your decision to attend the right college, tech school or join the workforce.

Find Scholarships

Looking for funds to help pay for your degree/credential? Check out area scholarship opportunities and find a specific school districts scholarship page.

Five Steps to
Pay for College

In partnership with Wells Fargo, look for ways to pay for college utilizing FAFSA, scholarships, and/or loans. Also gather tips and tricks for managing money, checking accounts and credit cards.

Sample Scholarship Resume

Looking to apply for a scholarship? Use this resume template to include your academic experience, volunteer involvement, sport's commitment, and all you other activities.

Scholarship Essay
Tips & Tricks

While applying for scholarships, many applications will request a cover letter or scholarship essay. Utilizes these tips and tricks to showcase your skills and experience.

Preparing for Your Career

First Job/Internship Sample Resume

A free resource for young and employees looking for a first time job or internship that can be edited to highlight all your experiences, volunteer opportunities, certificates and skill sets.

Resume Creation Worksheet

A worksheet to capture all your past experiences, education, and community involvement to support the creation of a new resume. Also, a great way to track your involvement through high school and college.

Sample Internship/Job
Cover letter

When looking for a first job or an internship, this sample cover letter can be a starting point to helping you write your own cover letter. Make sure to include your interest in a specific position, past experiences with examples, and note your life skills learned along the way.

Dress For Success

Proper dressing is one of the most important aspects for interviews and preparing for a career.  Different jobs have varying dress code requirements based on the job requirements. Use this as a guide.

Visit community resources:

Interview Prep & Sample Questions

Coming soon...
Prepare for an interview by reviewing possible questions that may be asked. Try to answer the prep questions out loud so you can hear your answers or request a mock interview with a local professional. Also, prepare a list of questions you could ask the interviewer(s) to learn more about the company/position.


Seasoned Employee Sample Resume

Coming Soon...
A free resource for young and employees looking for a first time job or internship that can be edited to highlight all your experiences, volunteer opportunities, certificates, and skill sets.

Follow Us for Updated Career Info

Jobs, Internships, Volunteer Opportunities all related to career exploration are showcased and promoted through the Facebook page.

Community Career Events Calendar

Need to explore careers further? Check out community events that showcase careers in the greater Green Bay area. Some events target a specific career cluster area, while other events are all-inclusive.

Budget For Your Inspired Life Style

Use this Budget Planning tool if  you're not sure how much money you need to afford the things you want in life. This budget planning resource to help you determine your salary goals, which can point you to a career in your interested career cluster that best meets that income level.

Understanding Employer Benefits and Packages

Coming Soon...

A benefits package is an important part of an employment package and should all be considered when a job offer is presented. Besides the wage, the benefits can be up to 30% to 70% of the total compensation an employer is offering you.**

Benefits to consider:

  • Health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance
  • Retirement plans and matches,
  • Sick, volunteer & vacation time off
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Travel reimbursements,
  • Wellness programs
  • And much more

Community Career Resources

Forward Services

This nonprofit organization in greater Green Bay provides employment, training and support services to transform the lives of those they service and spark the talent that exist in everyone.

Wisconsin Job Center

This online tool offers support for adult job searchers by offering career exploration resources and job listings across all industries. 

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

A resource for individuals with mental or physical barriers to employment.

Occupational Outlook Handbook 

The OOH can help you find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of careers.

Volunteer Center
of Brown County

Find volunteer opportunities that match your interests, skills, and talents with local organizations to enhance your employablity opportunities, network in the community, and build your resume.  

WisConnect Internship Search Tool

Find internship opportunities in your area, relevant to your field of study. Learn tools to assist in applying to internship, and helpful life skills. 

Basic Needs Services

For information, community resources, and referrals on a variety of health and human service issues are available with one easy call to one of 2-1-1’s trusted and caring call specialists. Specialists are available to answer the helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Start with this resource and find resources to support your basic need.

Search for a Job

NationJob is the #1 community-based Internet recruitment program, connecting job seekers, employers, communities and industries to fill critical skill positions.

The Greater Green Bay Chamber partnered with the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce and NationJob, as well as several large local companies to bring this resource to our community.

Looking for more support in your career exploration and don't know where to turn?

Contact the Workforce Development Team at the Greater Green Bay Chamber for direction and support.

Reach out for
Career Support


Educators looking for more resources in academic and career planning, as well as community career connections, can utilize a list of options on the Educator Resource page.  

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