Plan the Career Journey

Discover your passion and develop A path to a successful future!

What is Academic & Career Planning:

Per the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Academic and Career Planning, (ACP) “is a student-driven, adult supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post-high school success. This is obtained through self-exploration, career exploration and the development of other necessary employability skills."

Your Local Career Exploration Connector: is your local guide for exploring career options and finding the training needed to pursue an inspired career. 

The process is simple.

There are many resources available to help students explore future career interests, see the career in action, learn and practice the skills needed to be successful, prepare for and find help paying for college or career training options after high school and apply for a dream career.

Follow these four easy steps to connect with the local resources to help along the journey to FIND YOUR INSPIRATION.


Getting to know your interests, skills, strengths and the life you want for your future is the first step! Remember, no matter how your career interests change, the life skills needed for your future are important to have for all types of careers. Your school provides resources to help you with this step. 

Take a career, skills and interests assessment within your school's career planning tools and then start to explore...


A multitude of career options and pathways can lead you to a successful future. It is important to begin exploring careers and the life skills needed early, to learn how they match your interests and life goals, and to discover the education that will help you attain the vision you have for your future!

Once you find a career interest, continue to plan...


Once you have identified your career interest, it is time to develop a plan to reach it! Set goals and benchmarks along the way. Always remember the life skills you are developing will help you in any area you choose. Also, if your interest changes, that's okay. Return to the Know and Explore steps to find your new interest and then make a new plan.

Follow these planning resources to help you go...


Go! - It's time to execute your plan, but be sure to recalculate as needed if your interests or skills change along the way. Remember, the life skills you gain will be useful in any career you choose!

Use the Life Skills to continue to explore careers opportunities in our area...