Parents, We Need You!

Hello Parents, Guardians & Mentors,

We Need You! is a local guide for helping children through the Academic and Career Planning process. It's never too early for children to begin exploring their interests and career options. With your guidance and support, you can assist your child on their future career journey.

Parents, We Need You!

Help your children

Know themselves.

Explore options.

Plan their Future.

Grow using their life skills.

Preparing Your Student

Parents, how can you help your child know, explore, plan, and go?


Ask your child(ren) these questions and point out their strengths to direct them and support their career development.


Help your child know themselves.
- What are you good at?
- What makes you feel energized?
- Compliment your child as you see them use their strengths well.
- Ask questions about subjects they value and think they’re good at.



Help your child plan their future.
- What classes would be helpful in middle school, high school, after graduation for that career?
- How do you prepare for that career?
- How do you plan to pay for the career training?
- What does the career pay?
- Do you know how to apply for a job?


Help your child explore options.
- What do you want your life to look like outside of work?
- Is there a career in your favorite subject or interest area?
- What do you know about how to get this career?
- Is that career available around here?


Help your child go make their dreams come true using their life skills.
- Do you provide positive, specific feedback to your child?
- Ask your child to be engaged and present in the moment by putting away electronics.
- Model good life skills for your child.
- Volunteer to help others.