Student Exploration

Students of all ages are encouraged to explore career opportunities in the Greater Green Bay area. At the Find Your Inspiration event, businesses will talk about available careers, the earning potential realistic to the greater Green Bay area, the classes and schooling needed for a specific career, as well as showcase the tasks and responsibilities of particular careers through fun, engaging activities.

Some of these activities include:

  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual welding
  • Counting money
  • Chemical reactions
  • Holding a pig heart in your hand
  • Working with car engines
  • Exploring the inside of computers, phones, and so much more!

Students can start the exploration prior to the event by reviewing the event's interactive map and/or asking questions and interacting with the business via social media. Resources are provided to assist with planning goals, high school class schedule, college options, and scholarship applications.

The companies at the event may be a future employer, so be respectful, engaged, and use the resources provided wisely.