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Participants meet one day per month, October through May, following an overnight opening retreat in September. The program focuses on the Greater Green Bay area's economy, education, history and heritage, inclusive awareness, human services, government and environment. In addition, small groups work on projects designed to enhance awareness of community challenges, identify systems and methods to affect change, and develop project management, team and presentation skills. The small groups meet on their own time outside of the Leadership Green Bay sessions. 


The most important factor in selection is identifying those individuals most apt to utilize their leadership for the long-term benefit of the community and their organizations. We strive to select a cross-section of participants from all sectors of the community. The basic criteria for achieving the selection are:

  1. Select individuals with passion for leadership within their own organization and in the community.
  2. Select individuals committed to their personal/professional development.
  3. Select individuals with a sincere commitment, motivation and interest to serve in the community.
  4. Select individuals intending to seek public office, boards, commissions, or key volunteer leadership roles. 
Applications Reviewed as they are received

In addition to the opening retreat and the closing dinner, the time commitment is eight full-day sessions. Attendance at the two-day overnight opening retreat, closing and at all sessions is required. If you miss a session, you may be subject to review by the Leadership Green Bay steering committee as to your eligibility for graduation from the program.

Administrative Fee:

Leadership Green Bay will assess a $500 administrative fee for anyone who withdraws from the program after acceptance into the program and prior to Sept. 1. On or After Sept. 1, full tuition is non-refundable. 

Community Projects:

In addition to the sessions, you will be asked to commit your time to a small group community project. The amount of time you will need to devote to the development of your project will be determined by consensus of your small group. Participation in the small group meetings is expected. 

Timeline for Class of 2020

Now (strongly encouraged to apply prior to June 15, 2020):

Applications accepted and reviewed as submitted by the Selection Committee

Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020:

Welcome Breakfast

Thursday through Friday: September 10-11, 2020

Overnight Retreat

October - May:

Session Days are the second Tuesday of the month

Tuition for Class of 2021:

Leadership Green Bay program tuition is $2,000 for Greater Green Bay Chamber members and $2,850 for nonmembers. Limited scholarships available.  Payment plans available upon request. Tuition is non-refundable on or after Sept. 1. 

Apply for Leadership Green Bay. Your Answers to the questions below, as well as the information on this application and resume, will be used as part of the selection process.

Name & City of School, Date (from-to), Degree, Major
Organization/s, Assignment/Position, Years Involved, Describe responsibilities
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