Session Days/Key Dates

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Welcome Breakfast

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Opening Retreat

This two-day, overnight retreat is designed to get participants acquainted with Leadership Green Bay and provide a comfortable environment in which class members can participate, share, increase self-understanding and understanding of others, begin team building and broaden everyone's network of contacts.

The George F. Kress Foundation

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History and Heritage

The goal of this class day is to learn about the rich history of Brown County,  broaden participants' view of the community understanding its place in Wisconsin history and provide a basic knowledge of the community that will be used as a basis for other session days in the program.


Human Services

The objectives of this day are to develop a greater understanding and awareness of how poverty, substance abuse and addictions are addressed in the greater Green Bay area. Gain and maintain knowledge of community supports and Brown County resources that strengthen and support vulnerable individuals, families and the community.



Go back to class, literally!  Spend the day at one of local educational institutions and learn how business and education are working together in the community; understand the extensive school offerings available to meet the needs of individual learners and to understand how people can become involved as leaders and partners in the education process.


Economic and Community Development

The objectives of this day are to create understanding of changes in local economy and industry, area development, consumerism and entrepreneurial opportunities



The objectives of this day are to expose the class to several local government and agency sites, and to inform individuals of opportunities for involvement in local government.

Village of Wrightstown


Inclusive Leadership

The objectives of this day are to build awareness around inclusivity, while reflecting on that awareness and resulting in a call to action.

Alisa Anderson

Sponsored by Alisa Anderson, Class of 2015



This class day is devoted to inspiring new thought about the local environment, encouraging environmental stewardship and deepen participants' understanding of individual positive and negative impacts on the environment.




Closing and Graduation 
The final session/graduation is a culmination of the program that allows participants to reflect on what they have learned and how to take what they've learned into their community. The day is also devoted to sharing outcomes from the small group projects followed by our graduation dinner/ceremony.