Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development’s Youth Apprenticeship program was founded in 1992 and included one program area (printing).

Today, there are 11 programs:
  1. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  2. Architecture and Construction
  3. Arts, A/V Technology and Communications
  4. Finance
  5. Health Science
  6. Hospitality, Lodging and Tourism
  7. Information Technology
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Marketing
  10. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  11. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

High school students are accepted into the program prior to their junior or senior year. YA students must fulfill their high school requirements, complete industry related secondary education coursework or advanced placement courses at their high school, while being employed in their chosen program area. Upon completion of the program these young people are better prepared to continue working towards their chosen career field and have gained valuable skills necessary to be successful in the Wisconsin workforce.

Other advantages:
  • Build your resume with real world, on the job experience
  • Strengthen your college and scholarship applications
  • Earn advanced standing credits for a technical college or university
  • Earn a state-recognized certificate of occupational proficiency upon completion
How do I apply?

Applications will be accepted starting in January.* Interested high school sophomores and juniors can access the online application in the far right column on this page. All areas of the application should be completed and then sent to Brandon Peterson at the Greater Green Bay Chamber. In addition to the application students must complete the skills sheet for the program area they wish to apply for.  

Interviews with interested employers will then be scheduled for the students that were accepted into the program. These interviews will start in February and run through May until all students have been placed with employers. If a student is not placed in a job then they are not part of the Youth Apprenticeship program.

CNA applicants will be contacted by mid-March so they can schedule their CNA class that must take place over the summer unless their school has a CNA program.     

*Applications will be accepted throughout the school year if job placement has been solidified and related coursework has been scheduled. 

Additional information is available on the WDWD website at:

For other questions, please contact Brandon Peterson at 920.593.3406 or

           “I believe this is a wonderful program for kids that know what profession they want to get into. It not only gives them work experience in the real world it also provides more learning opportunities at NWTC. My son has grown in the working world and has put to use his skills he learned in school. It truly gives kids confidence and motivation to pursue their interests. A fantastic opportunity for kids!”  --Parent of Transportation program Youth Apprentice 


        "Through the Youth Apprenticeship program, our organization is able to collaborate with area schools and the Greater Green Bay Chamber to develop the future workforce. We are providing an opportunity for students to get some on-the-job training, which will benefit the community and we may be looking at a potential future employee!" --Bruce Bartel, treatment manager at NEW Water, Green Bay