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The Greater Green Bay Chamber offers business resources of general nature, specific to minority businesses as well as international-specific resources. See below:  

General business resources

Update on Microloan program

2017 Fact Book

New North Regional Guide (last updated in November 2012)

Wage & Benefit Study  
Importers/Exporters Listing
Contact 920.496.2010 for more information on this $25 database.
Available sites and buildings

Chamber CEO and CFO Roundtable program

Minority business resources

Certification of minority-owned, woman-owned and veteran-owned businesses

A certified business is one that can sell products and services to the State of Wisconsin and to local governments. State certification is for a "Minority Business Enterprise" (MBE), a "Woman-Owned Business Enterprise" (WBE) or a "Disabled Veteran-Owned Business' (DVB). MBE means the business is at least 51 percent owned by a person from a racial minority, e.g., Native American, Latino, Asian or African-American. WBE means the business is at least 51 percent owned by a woman. DVB means the business is at least 51 percent owned by a disabled veteran.

If you are a business owner who fits one or more of these aforementioned categories, please go to the Department of Administration for more information.

Negocios minoritarios certifiados

Negocio de Propietario minoritario certificado

Un negocio certificado es uno que puede ofrecer sus productos o servicios al Estado de Wisconsin y al gobierno local.

Certification Estatal es para una Empresa de Negocio Minoritario (MBE), "una Empresa de Negocio donde la duena es mujer (WBE)," o una Empresa donde el dueno es un Veterano Discapacitado (DVB)." MBE significa un negocio donde el empresario pertenece a un grupo minoritario y es dueno de por lo menos el 51% del negocio. DVG significa un negocio donde el empresario es un veterano discapacitado y es dueno de por lo menos el 51% del negocio.

Si eres un dueno de negocio y caes dentro de las categorias mencionadas arriba, visita el sitio de web del Departamento de Administracion para mas inforacion.

Please Peter Zaehringer at, for more information.

Other entrepreneurial resources

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International business resources

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