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Business builds community

From its humble beginnings from over 100-years ago to today, the Greater Green Bay Chamber is proud to serve not only area businesses, but the community-at-large. While we've had a few name changes and looks over the years, our commitment has always been to the betterment of our business community.

Establishing the Chamber

In 1882, a group of forward-thinking individuals came together to create a business entity. They sought a central place where businesses could connect, learn about opportunities, find solutions and have a “collective impact” greater than any one of them could make on their own. They filled this need by establishing the Business Men’s Association. And more than 135-years later, we’re still alive and flourishing. Today, we’re known as the Greater Green Bay Chamber and our mission of good business = good community is still just as relevant.


Greater Green Bay Chamber


Throughout the years, the Chamber has been involved in many significant accomplishments for not only the city but also the county and region. Here are some highlights:


Lobbying for construction of municipal waterworks.

Early 1940s

Urged the county to secure property and complete a master plan for a new airport. The site was chosen in 1946; airmail and passenger service began in 1948.


Convinced municipal officials to donate 10-acres to establish a national museum for steam railroading -- the National Railroad Museum.


Petitioned and provided political support for a four-year campus of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Late 1980s/Early 1990s

Advocated for the upgrade of Highway 29 to the Twin Cities to be four lanes.

Late 1990s

Started the Great Green Bay Kickoff, a festival at Lambeau Field that evolved into training camp-related tourist events and activities, including Family Night!

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Supported the building of the Resch Center, a multi-purpose arena.

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Successfully lobbied and generated community support for the STEM Innovation Center and the Richard J. Resch School of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

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Introduced a new community-wide brand and website for talent attraction and retention with community partners -- Your Move Green Bay.