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Celebrating Manufacturing Month



Significant research has shown that manufacturing is the driver of a healthy and vibrant economy.  For every dollar of manufacturing value created in the United States, $3.60 in additional economic activity is generated. Additionally, every manufacturing job created in our country leads to approximately 3.4 non-manufacturing jobs to take a product from start to finish. 

In Greater Green Bay we are fortunate so many great manufacturers have chosen to build, develop, and make many of the products we use and rely on every day.  Manufacturing impacts our lives directly and indirectly in so many ways.  

Manufacturing Month is the chance for us to celebrate and highlight the many contributions that manufacturing makes to Greater Green Bay, our state, and our nation. As Greater Green Bay has seen the expansion and growth of its manufacturing sector, it is good to be reminded of what we often take for granted. 

Join us for our 2023 Manufacturing Month Tours!

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