Economic Development

Business Retention & Expansion

Economic development's business retention and expansion (BRE) program helps foster a vibrant economy by listening to feedback and understanding the needs of existing local businesses throughout Brown County. 

BRE is a proactive approach to economic development designed to better understand the challenges and opportunities businesses in our community face, and connect them with what they need to succeed. BRE also focuses on gathering feedback and insights on the overall business climate, which is aggregated and analyzed to identify trends.

In economic development we see firms growing in three ways:

  • Growth/expansion of existing firms (business expansion and retention)
  • Creation of new firms (entrepreneurial development)
  • Attraction of external firms to the market area (business recruitment)

For more information, or to participate in this program, please contact Eric DeKorne at 920.496.2108 or


The Process

Pre - Visit

Select the company and schedule a visit. Do pre-visit analysis



Conduct interview



Follow-up with companies, find solutions and report trends and analysis

Local Expansion Plans in the Near Future:

36.4 percent of businesses reported that expansion plans could occur in the near future. 

Overall business climate ranking:

92.2 percent of participants visited, indicated the Greater Green Bay Area is a good or excellent place to do business