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Applications for Leadership Green Bay Class of 2025 are no longer being accepted. Applications for the next program will open in February 2025. 

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Inspiring leaders to enrich our community

Leadership Green Bay Class of 2023 heritage dayA long-standing program established in 1985, Leadership Green Bay convenes a cohort of professionals from a cross section of industries. The cohort come together monthly, for full day sessions, to expand their understanding of the complex components influencing community and our overall quality of life. The program is designed to foster, challenge and empower community leaders to bring their time and talent into areas of passion and become a leader in changing the landscape of Greater Green Bay for the better.

Running from September to May, the monthly gatherings include expert speakers, team-building activities, interactive lessons, and opportunities to build connections between classmates. The goal is to expose participants to various areas of our community, challenge their thinking and inspire them to get involved in improving the quality of life for everyone in the community. Teams work on a project that benefits the community to raise awareness, solve a community issue, or help meet the needs of a nonprofit organization. 

Participants come from a variety of backgrounds: business, law, healthcare, government, non-profit, independent consultants, and more. This experience is for those who wish to build strong relationships, will work to improve our community after commencement, and are committed to their own personal and professional development.

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The legacy of Leadership Green Bay are the community leaders that go on to lead Greater Green Bay into the future! If our community is to be successful in the coming years and decades, the legacy of our alumni will be essential to driving positively impactful ideas forward.

Leadership is an ongoing choice. We believe that the Leadership Green Bay journey does not end at graduation, but inspires our alumni to inspire, empower and enact meaningful change. We invite you to reinvest in the program, enhance our ability to reduce financial barriers and stay connected within the Alumni Association.

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Since 1985

History of Leadership Green Bay

Leadership Green Bay, a program of the Greater Green Bay Chamber, began in 1985 by 12 dedicated citizens who wanted to ensure that their legacy of leadership would continue for years to come. Since then, this professional program has grown to educate more than 1,200 leaders who have completed more than 150 projects that have shaped Greater Green Bay.


We enrich and empower exceptional community leaders to drive meaningful, positive change for the Greater Green Bay community and to lead with integrity, vision, and compassion.


Our vision is to create a thriving and inclusive community in Greater Green Bay by fostering a strong and diverse network of influential leaders who are equipped to address the region's most pressing challenges. We strive to inspire and develop individuals who possess a deep understanding of the community's needs, have the ability to collaborate across sectors, and are driven to make a lasting impact on the social, economic, and cultural fabric of the region. Together, we envision a future where Leadership Green Bay graduates serve as catalysts for transformation, actively shaping a vibrant and prosperous community for all. 


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Program Cost

Chamber Member Businesses: $2,250

Non-Chamber Member Businesses: $3,000


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