Visualizing Success

Empowering Emerging Leaders to Thrive in the Digital Age

In a world where changes are constant, successfully imagining the future seems impossible.

That’s when the Executive Impact MBA at UW-Green Bay comes into play. This MBA program develops business thought-leaders who are prepared to thrive in the ageimage-20230128-140728-9cc278e3-1 of digital transformation.

Highlights of the Executive Impact MBA program include the curriculum, the flexible scheduling and the intentional efforts made throughout its design to meet the needs of the regional business community.

Key Characteristics of the Executive Impact MBA:

Multi-Industry Application: We recognize folks enter into successful business careers from a variety of undergraduate and professional backgrounds – many not formally in business. Our students come from several different industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, human services, education and hospitality. 

Innovative Curriculum: The curriculum is designed specifically to prepare leaders through this period of digital disruption by cultivating a culture that is comfortable with disruption and risk taking and creating a network of like-minded change seekers. Courses address issues from a multi-faceted perspective and cover topics such as AI and technological advances, sustainability, supply chain strategy, purpose driven leadership, creating brand value, venture capital and strategic foresight.

Cohort Based: With the importance of peer-to-peer learning in mind, the program is designed for future leaders already carrying 3-5 years of professional business experience.

Founded on Flexibility: We know that learners are busy balancing work and family, and taking the step toward continuing your education can be intimidating, so we have created a unique model that fits the lives of our students. Complete your degree in under two years with summers off.

Learners progress through the program by taking two courses at a time, for six 10-week sessions. Each session blends online and four face-to-face Saturday classes. Half of the in-person class days are held at regional businesses to provide learners with a picture of the regional business ecosystem and expand their professional networks.

Watch how UW-Green Bay’s Executive Impact MBA program is making waves in the lives of the learners and businesses we serve.

UW-Green Bay is a proud supporter of regional businesses in Northeast Wisconsin and offers a cutting-edge program that intentionally addresses the needs of the regional business community and those who work here.

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