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Childcare Solutions Taskforce 

Early Childcare is an Economic & Workforce Crisis

The Greater Green Bay Chamber is leading conversations about childcare in an effort to increase awareness and drive change in our region and state. What we know is that the current economic model is not sustainable and it will take collaborative efforts of private and public sectors to solve this crisis for our community. 

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Complex Challenges Require Actionable Strategies

We have identified 4 strategies to accomplish this goal and are looking for volunteers to serve on work groups to advance each strategy. Please complete the form below and rank the strategies 1-4 based upon your interest and ability to support. 


Build Employer Advocates 

The childcare crisis is a workforce and economic development issue but needs to be presented in that light to employers. 

Entrepreneur Support

In-home childcare sites are a critical part of the overall solution, but these entrepreneurs need more support than just licensing and regulation guidance.

Business and Provider Resources

While we work toward sustainable solutions to the childcare crisis, we need to provide immediate support to businesses and current childcare providers.

Wisconsin Childcare Summit

Convening people around this issue is vitally important and hosting a statewide summit will not only allow for this, but also create awareness and support in every area in the state.

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