Business Recognition Luncheon


This marks the 30th year the Greater Green Bay Chamber will celebrate the success of area individuals and businesses at the Business Recognition Luncheon.

This year we are also encouraging businesses to exhibit at the Business Recognition Luncheon, where there will be a great audience for them. With more than 450 attendees each year, this event is a singular opportunity for member businesses to receive valuable exposure and make connections.

We also added in a new sponsorship level focused towards smaller businesses. The Bronze Sponsorship level is priced to be affordable for small businesses so they can also get exposure at the event without breaking the bank.

Honor individuals and business in the following categories:

Business Person of the Year

-Recognize a local business leader who has demonstrated achievement in ownership or management of a small business, or who has made significant contributions to the small business environment in the Greater Green Bay area. 

Cornerstone Award

-Recognize a local company that has demonstrated growth in sales, employees and/or service since its inception. Additionally, it will show active participation in the business community and makes an impact on the local community with involvement in associations and volunteer groups.

Entrepreneurial Award

-Recognize a locally owned or operated company doing business at least two but not more than five years. The business will have demonstrated a creative business approach and current success. It will have had impact on the local business community.

Growth Award

-Recognize a business that is locally owned and operated, in business at least three years, and under current ownership has demonstrated significant or continuous growth in sales, service and number of employees.

Special Accomplishment Award

-Occasionally there are special circumstances that have occurred in the past year(s) deserving this award, that recognizes a small business, an organization or a person for extraordinary achievement other than excellence in entrepreneurialism, business growth or cornerstone contributions.

Environmentally Friendly Award

-Presented to locally owned company doing business for more than two years that has taken actions to become more invironmentally friendly or has invented or distributed products to assist other companies in becoming more environmentally friendly. (No Longer Awarded)

Family Friendly Workplace Award

-Presented to a company doing business for more than two years that is committed to its employees and have implemented family-friendly policies to assist in balancing the responsibilities of work and family life. (No Longer Awarded)

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