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Greater Green Bay Chamber Business Retention and Expansion Program

Posted on Mar 21, 2022 8:25:39 AM by Eric DeKorne

Have you ever wondered what a Business Retention and Expansion program does? Find out why the program exists and how it's helping to foster a vibrant economy in Greater Green Bay.

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Increase Your Engagement - Become a Chamber Ambassador

Posted on Mar 14, 2022 2:33:31 PM by Allison Rodriguez

Ambassadors serve as volunteer representatives of the Chamber. They assist in contacting members and encouraging both investment and engagement. We hope you'll join us as a Chamber Ambassador.

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Strategic Storytelling for Recruitment and Retention

Posted on Feb 2, 2022 2:05:31 PM by Bridget Krage O'Connor

If you’re like most organizations, you’re trying to recruit talent and retain the talent you already have. Tackle this crucial issue with your potential and current employees through storytelling.

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Websites: The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

Posted on Jan 12, 2022 1:37:33 PM by Bill Koehne

A website is more than just a brochure on the internet. It is a Swiss Army Knife of marketing. Here's a few reasons why your website is a useful tool.

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Help your employees manage time and become leaders

Posted on Nov 30, 2021 1:35:37 PM by Mark Rahmlow

Register today to attend Focus on Control and help your employees gain valuable leadership skills.

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New Website to Bring Fresh Look and Enhanced User Experience

Posted on Nov 9, 2021 10:27:00 AM by Mary Rhode

The Greater Green Bay Chamber will soon launch its newly designed website to further our efforts of building prosperous businesses and a thriving community.   

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The Top 6 Accounting Software Implementation Mistakes Clients Make

Posted on Jun 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Rebecca Hurst

Your team has chosen a new accounting software to implement. But how do you ensure that the implementation goes off without a hitch?

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How to Choose the Right Software

Posted on May 4, 2021 10:16:00 AM by Deron Kling

Here is a six-step approach to find a software solution that optimizes value and helps achieve desired organizational outcomes. 

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Fend off costly cybersecurity attacks

Posted on Apr 12, 2021 10:16:00 AM by Tom Wojcinski

Hackers are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to siphon money out of businesses. Here are tips for fending off cyber security attacks.

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Domain Name Scams: How to Recognize & Avoid Them

Posted on Mar 1, 2021 10:16:00 AM by Bill Koehne

No one likes to be fooled by scammers or questionable ads. Here are some telltale signs to look for and how to avoid them.

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