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Join a CYP committee.

Current Young Professionals (CYP) runs its robust programming thanks to a great team of volunteer committee members. These teams of volunteers work throughout the month to plan events, innovate new initiatives, and champion the program in the Greater Green Bay community. 

To get involved in a committee, please reach out to Christine Gunderson, Director of Talent Retention, at




Purpose Statement: Collaborate and leverage resources to drive the mission of CYP. 

The Leadership Team focuses on both the strategic and tactical aspects of programming. Other responsibilities include the oversight of all committees in the program’s model, staying informed on the voice of the young professionals, actively recruiting Current members, and acting as ambassadors to the public and business community. Team members include chairs from supporting Current committees and two ad-hoc positions. 

  • This committee meets the last Monday of the month.
  • 5 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Events managed: Leaders Luncheon and CurrentWeek

Chair | Kelsey Lutzow
Vice-Chair | Parker Wolf

Members | Abby Vandenberg, Chris Ledvina, Daniel Reed, Jacob Brunette, Kris Neyrinck, Danielle Freeman, Tom Murphy, Sarah Beckman, and Emily Ames.



Purpose Statement: Foster opportunities for young professionals to find their passions by exploring, engaging with and giving back to their community.

With a philanthropic focus, the Community Partnership Committee works closely with local organizations encouraging young professionals to get involved and be active in our community. Ultimately, the overall goal is to help young professionals find their passions and help them make connections in the community to help our area and, at the same time, improve young professional retention through these efforts. 

  • Community Partnerships Committee3This committee meets the first Monday of the month. 
  • 4:30 - 6 p.m. 
  • Events managed: Support Of Urban Projects (SOUP) and CYP Serves

Chair | Kris Neyrinck
Vice-Chair | Danielle Freeman

Members | Ashley Lois, Brittany Janus, Caitlin Krause, Cathryn Griesbach, Evin Duranceau, Jennifer Vanden Langenberg, Jonathan Ruiz, Julie Schoenrock, Maria Georgia, Leah Alden



Purpose Statement: To create opportunities for young professionals to connect socially and develop personally and professionally while deepening relationships.

  • DEN 2This committee meets the third Tuesday of each month
  • 5 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Events managed: After 5 and Dine n' Develop

Chair | Abby Vandenberg
Vice-Chair | Chris Ledvina

Members | Alex Glysch, Alicia Hart, Becky Couch, Eli Hicks Emily Brunette, Jessica Gille, Joel Harris, Kelly Danforth, Michele Metcalf, Nathan Salmon, Njeri Karanja, Ray McGuire, Ryan Miller, Spencer Larson, Steven Jaecks, Tricia Knoll



Purpose Statement: Ambassadors drive the mission of CYP by connecting young professionals with opportunities that foster relationships and build communities.

CYP Ambassadors are responsible for meeting with new and prospective young professional and corporate members, assisting with membership renewals, presenting the benefits and opportunities CYP offers, and building meaningful relationships with local community organizations. The Ambassadors look forward to getting to know you at upcoming Current events! 

  • CYP Ambassador CommitteeThis committee meets the second Monday of the month
  • 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. 
  • Events managed: CYP Plays and Current Connect

Chair | Daniel Reed
Vice-Chair | Jacob Brunette

Members | Alex Stensaas, Amanda Young, Bobbi Gordon, Brandon Lyons, Brock McCain, Carlie Streck, Daisie Mathias, Katie Apfel, Kayla Coopman, Quincy Fassbender, Rachel Altman, Taylor Pierce, Yenira Letona, Zach Brinkman


YPAC (Young Professional Advisory Council)

Purpose Statement: YPAC is a committee of Current members who work with local government and business leaders through social, economic, and civic matters to shape the future of Greater Green Bay.

YPAC members are responsible for brainstorming ways for us to advance our purpose in the community, ask meaningful questions of the group and elected officials, and execute tasks that support resource development and event planning. They provide strategic input for the group’s purpose and weigh-in on the young professional experience in Green Bay. 

  • YPAC-1This committee meets the third Thursday of the month
  • 5 - 6 p.m. 
  • Events managed: Coffee & Convos and Cocktails & Convos

Chair | Tom Murphy
Vice-Chair | Sarah Murphy

Members | Dakota Lovett, Drew Baney, Heather Milbach, Matt Kaczmarek, Meghan Finger, Patrick Noel, Phil Rasmussen, Regina Rudoi

YPAC Civic Engagement Resource Guide


Contact Mariana Vargas, Talent Retention Coordinator, at