Leadership Green Bay

Community Projects


Leadership Green Bay teams work on a project that benefits the community to raise awareness, solve a community issue, or help meet the needs of a nonprofit organization. More than 150 projects have been completed since the program's inception in 1985.


Below are the projects past classes have completed:



Main Street Community Garden

Team One took their shared passions for community belonging and the outdoors and partnered with Community Gardens and Extension Brown County in building a new community garden on Main Street. This garden will not only serve as a way for local families to have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and have access to fresh food, but will also provide a gathering location for them and their children with our inclusion of soccer nets, a pollinator garden and seating.

Foster The Village Youth Room

Team Two partnered with Foster the Village to develop a youth room where kids ages 8-17 years old who are in foster care can spend time together, learn, connect, and take time to just be kids. The goal is to design a room where they can do homework, engage in creative activities, and spend time with other teens just like them. This room will also allow a comforting place for families, support staff and social workers to meet and focus directly on these special children.

Howe Elementary School Outdoor Education Classroom

Team Three partnered with leaders at Howe Elementary School and the Howe Community Resource Center to implement a shared vision for an outdoor education classroom and remembrance garden. The team coordinated with the district and a local contractor to create a 400-square-foot area that will allow students to experience learning outside of the classroom in a way previously unavailable to them.

Wildlife Sanctuary 4K Area Improvements

Team Four partnered with the OAK 4K Learning Center at the Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to improve their outdoor learning space. They are replacing an old, decaying, small wooden dock with a much larger thru flow floating dock and installing an even surface, all weather path to the pond. The goal is to improve pond habitation by letting sunlight through to the water, providing more safe access and entry points to the water for the children, better accommodating children and others with mobility issues.

Chappel Elementary School Orchard

Team Five partnered with New Leaf Foods to plant an orchard at Green Bay School District’s Chappell Elementary. We solicited funds from employers of various team members, and thanks to their generosity, we are able to plant 6 fruit trees with the potential to further the project at another school. This has been a rewarding project, and we look forward to seeing the orchard thrive!

Family Workstations

Team Six raised funds for and will install a family workstation at House of Hope. Family workstations are an innovative solution to allow caregivers the ability to use a public computer with their child safely beside them. House of Hope provides a supportive place for young parents and children experiencing homelessness, making this organization an ideal recipient of a family workstation.



St. John's Holy Smokes

Team 1 partnered with St. John’s Ministries and the homeless shelter to assist with fundraising efforts and building community relations. Through their fundraising, the team was able to purchase a state-of-the-art meat smoker trailer for the St. John’s Homeless Shelter. St. John’s Holy Smokes is a nonprofit meat smoking operation that will provide those experiencing homelessness at the shelter the opportunity to learn culinary skills and engage with the community to reduce the stigma surrounding homelessness. The goal of the team’s project is to create a pipeline of trained and service-ready associates for the Greater Green Bay foodservice industry. 

Exceptional Equestrians fundraiser

Team 2 is planning a fundraising and awareness event on Saturday, June 11, which will provide a full day of free activities that foster mental wellness for children and their families at Exceptional Equestrians, a nonprofit that focuses on horse riding as a form of therapy and promotes physical and mental health and development. The event will include many activities and educational opportunities like sensory processing, exercise, healthy eating, creativity/art, outdoor adventures, animal interaction, social and emotional wellbeing, and inclusiveness. Funds raised at the event will be given to Exceptional Equestrians to assist with its mission and equine therapy programming. 

We All Rise African American Resource Center upgrades

Team 3’s goal is to support the renovation of two youth rooms for We All Rise African American Resource Center, a holistic healing nonprofit that serves the local African American community. The team partnered with CJ & Associates, Inc., to design and remodel the space to be more open and provide a place for youth and community groups to gather and learn together. The rooms will display inspirational artwork and books that embrace the mission of We All Rise. Through donations from the community, the space will be renovated and filled with new furniture, carpeting, and potential technology upgrades. 

Freedom House children recreation space

Team 4 partnered with Freedom House to assist in completing outstanding projects at its new facility. This includes relocating the “Mulva Market” from the first floor to the second floor and adding built-in closets and drawers, as well as replacing the benches and adding more accommodating seating at the adjacent ‘bus stop.’ Some of the accommodations include wall hooks for backpacks, space for homework and reading, and storage room. Additionally, the team will transform the current market space into a functional flex space for children 10 and up where they can complete homework and unwind after school and on weekends.  

Brown County Shelter Care outdoor recreation

Team 5 partnered with multiple local companies to create more usable outdoor space for the Brown County Shelter Care residents. One of the projects includes installing a permanent in-ground fire pit with a concrete pad and new seating which will allow residents to safely enjoy bonfires and socialize. Another project is adding a four-square concrete pad along with sports gear—basketballs, footballs, volleyball net, etc.—to encourage more physical activity. The last project is constructing a semi-permanent shade structure for hot or rainy days. The goal is to provide more safe and fun activities for residents during their stay. 

Altrusa House family space

Team 6 partnered with Altrusa House to support efforts to advance child healthcare through continued partnerships with community hospitals. Their project will initiate the beginning stages of creating a relaxing and creative designated space for children and families by donating various entertainment and sensory items for kids. The items include a sensory garden, art supplies, and experience kits like a movie night. Everything is portable and adaptable so that it can be used in several spaces for a more family-friendly experience. These items will be moved to a permanent space during future expansion plans at Altrusa House. 



Books for a Better Tomorrow

Howe Elementary Community School has 329 students enrolled this school year. Eighty-five percent of their students are Black, American Indian, Hispanic/Latino or Asian. The team's goal was to purchase culturally authentic books that reflect students’ experiences and cultures in the classroom, the library and students' book boxes. They want students and their families to feel accepted and respected in school. Together, they raised $23,500 to provide all 18 classrooms with books. In addition, they commissioned local artist, Beau Thomas, to paint a large mural inside the school to represent diversity and inclusion.

NeighborWorks Green Bay

Team 6 partnered with NeighborWorks Green Bay to continue their efforts to improve the quality of life for tenants of an apartment complex they recently purchased. NeighborWorks has put in a lot of effort to renovate the inside of the complex and improve the units overall. Team 6 is helping NeighborWorks by funding and aligning resources to put in playground equipment and a sports court on the property so that tenants can enjoy the outdoors close to home. At this point, all the funds have been raised and there will be meetings to begin the purchase of the playsets and installation. Team 6 also managed a sports/recreation equipment drive in which they collected an assortment of outdoor recreation equipment (basketballs, footballs, Frisbees, etc) that they will donate to NeighborWorks for the property.  

Wequiock Falls

On your drive up highway 57, there exists a wonderful spot for family gatherings, picturesque falls and peaceful nature scenes. This captivating quiet spot is known as Wequiock Falls. The team’s focus was to install a gravel walking path to increase safety and access for all, add new picnic tables and grills and remove debris and trash from the park. Please stop by to enjoy the nature, the beauty and everything in between!

Encompass Childcare nurse's station and family advocate room

Encompass Childcare in Green Bay provides affordable access to the best education and care for all families in the Greater Green Bay area. Their Cornerstone Center on North Broadway houses a family advocate and a nurse that works with underserved families in the area. From helping families connect with local services to helping kids who are sick so parents can stay at work, these roles are extremely important to the mission of Encompass. Together, they were in need of space to better serve their families. Team 3 was able to transform a room at the Cornerstone Center into a comfortable and functional space. The space includes a private nurse’s area, extensive storage cabinets and a meeting area for the family advocate. As part of the project, the team was able to stock the shelves with over 100 hygiene kits, birthday kits and newborn kits. In addition, Team 3 was able to help Annie Jackson Elementary launch their new food pantry, Hunger’s Heroes, by holding a food drive, donating a refrigerator and creating the marketing.



ASNEW (Autism Society of Northeast Wisconsin) 

The team's original plan was to provide sensory bags at area attractions for autistic children. Due to the COVID-19 environment, which included a fear of sharing materials/bags and sanitary concerns, a shift to provide a gift of money to ASNEW (Autism Society of Northeast Wisconsin) was supported. The money raised will be used to help meet the immediate needs of families with autistic children.  


Green Bay Area Public NEW Innovation School – Caring Culture Initiative 

The team set out to develop a Caring Culture Initiative for the NEW School of Innovation which included the development of an indoor green space and aquaponics lab, caring closet, food pantry, inspirational artwork and provide classroom essentials. This development includes a focus on STEM education and provides students an opportunity for hands-on learning. Additionally, the gardens will provide year-round vegetables for consumption both at school and to be sent home with students. All fish harvested can be sold as part of a fish-fry fundraiser to ensure long-term sustainability. Our fundraising efforts resulted in over $20,000 of donations. This project completion date is contingent upon the re-opening of schools.  


HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital 

This team worked to raise awareness and fundraisfor HSHS St. Vincent Children's Hospital by coordinating a "Derby for Kids" Kentucky Derby themed event which was to be held at the Capital Credit Union Park in May of 2020 and included a derby, themed food, drinks and a jazz band. All funds raised would be provided to the hospital and used for items listed on the hospital's child life specialist wish list. All money raised was presented to St. Vincent Children’s Hospital in May 2020.  


House of Hope 

This team set out to help the residents at the House of Hope to improve and update their computer lab by purchasing and coordinate installation of new laptops and software. The House of Hope will use the new equipment for years to come which will provide opportunities for residents to build resumes, apply for jobs, apply for benefits, search for housing and/or participate in on-line classes. All fundraising efforts resulted in over $8,750.00 of donations.  


Brown County Shelter Care  

This team set out to improve the outdoor recreation opportunities for kids at the Brown County Shelter Care. Providing the area will encourage impactful outdoor activities such as fresh airhands-on learning, increased positive mental health, development and gives the children something to do. The team worked to have an apron of concrete laid for easy access to equipment, purchase outdoor activities for kids, install garden boxes for hands-on learning and install bike racks inside their new shed (courtesy of Leadership Green Bay Class of 2019).  



Playground at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park

Our project is to replace the preschool playground at the NEW Zoo. There is only one designated playground for preschoolers (ages 2 to 6) and it is the original playground from 1994.

 In addition to laughter and fun, playgrounds offer many opportunities for children to develop physical, cognitive, sensory and social skills. In its current state, the play space is very limited for children with differing abilities. We aim to offer a more inclusive environment that encourages children and their families to play together and create lasting memories of their trip to the zoo. Our goal is to create an inviting space that incorporates a sensory-rich environment that is welcoming and user-friendly to young children of all abilities to engage, learn and explore. The project will include installing commercial-grade equipment, freestanding sensory elements, a new fence with murals and interactive activities, education about the animals, and many other discovery opportunities.


Camp Lloyd endowment

We are contributing $25,000 towards an endowment for Camp Lloyd, expanding broader marketing efforts focused on schools and funeral homes throughout Brown County and facilitating “camp reunions” through strategic community partners to help participants maintain a sense of community, healing and support.

Camp Lloyd is a grief camp for children ages 7 to 14 who have lost a close loved one. This camp provides access to grief therapy and other children in the same situation to help them realize they are not alone and it is okay to still be a kid. It costs about $12,000 annually to run Camp Lloyd. The camp does charge a small fee ($79) to help recoup some of the cost, but many families have only one or no income, so the long-term goal is to scholarship every kids’ tuition for camp. With an endowment, we hope to provide scholarships to more kids with the knowledge that funds accrue over time to fully fund the camp.


The Sensory Woods at Barkhausen expansion

The Sensory Woods at Barkhausen is one-of-a-kind in Northeast Wisconsin, creating a nonjudgmental and safe space for seniors who are living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other neurological conditions, as well as their family members, friends and/or caregivers. 

Phase one of the Sensory Woods at Barkhausen came to fruition in fall 2018. Our team will work on the phase two expansion, in collaboration with Barkhausen, to increase capacity and accommodation for the aforementioned population. Key expansion elements and additions include a railed boardwalk, multiple new interactive sensory stations, two new covered sitting areas, a raised garden and other elements designed to create comfort, inspire adventure and re-ignite memories. The purpose of this project is to create a welcoming space where those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia can enjoy the outdoors as well as raise dementia awareness. Second, the project is intended to raise dementia awareness with the general public. 


Brown County Family Center

Our group is collaborating with Capital Credit Union’s young professional group, NeighborWorks Green Bay, and Friends of Pals, Youth & Families to support Brown County Child Protective Services through the purchase and renovation of a Brown County Family Center.

The goal is to create a more inviting and secure space for court-ordered supervised interactions between children in out-of-home care with their noncustodial parents. At any given time, there are more than 100 children who need visits with their parents who are working on court-ordered services to receive consideration by the court to be reunified with their children. The visitation to maintain bonding of parents and children is a key component to reunification. Currently, Brown County Health & Human Services uses a small suite of three offices as a visitation center. This space is very small and has significant limitations for larger family visits or visits with older children. The center has no outdoor space and is located on one of the busiest intersections in Green Bay. There is no park within walking distance to the center. 


Syble Hopp School playground additions

We will create a sandbox and pergola area in the playground for Syble Hopp School as well as landscaping options around the school. This will provide an outdoor space accessible for kids of all ability levels to play with sand and enjoy the outdoor setting with proper shade. Without proper shade, many students cannot experience the calming effects of being outside. Sand is known to reduce stress and help boost mood. This project will ensure that all students will be able to experience the benefits of sand and nature.


Syble Hopp is a public school funded through Brown County. Educational programming is provided at Syble Hopp School to meet the needs of children with disabilities between the ages of 3 and 21 who reside in Brown County in the seven districts served. The school provides an educational setting and program option for students with intellectual and other developmental disabilities so that every student is able to reach their fullest potential, becoming self-confident individuals who grow and develop into productive members of the community.



Community Pavilion at the Kroc Community Center

Our team is working towards the construction of a pavilion on the outdoor grounds of the Kroc Community Center. This pavilion (available to the public) would provide a hub for outdoor activities at the Center. It will sit adjacent to their newly constructed playground and be heavily utilized in their Summer Day Camp Program. This investment will facilitate healthy activities for families and children, both Kroc Center users as well as those in the neighboring communities.


City of Green Bay ‘Pop-Up Park’

In partnership with the City of Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department, we developed the vision for a Mobile Recreation Station. The customized and branded 16’ cargo trailer will be furnished with equipment and amenities to enhance the wide variety of year-round programs offered by the department. It is anticipated that our project will impact over 200,000 Green Bay youth by promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles. The Mobile Recreation Station will be utilized at 36 summer playground sites and throughout the year at large city-wide special events (e.g. FIT in the Parks, Haunted Chase Race, Frenzy on the Fox, Kiddie Parade and Karnival). The project will include a generator and speaker system, which will enhance current programming offered by the City of Green Bay Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.


Mindfulness Room and Programming for Washington Middle School

Since the summer of 2017, Washington Middle School has experienced a flood of negative publicity, which, in turn reflects negatively on Green Bay. The GBAPS district and Washington Middle School are working hard to create change at the school and have incorporated steps to accomplish this. Our group is excited to make this a community effort and partner with Washington Middle School to introduce mindfulness programming at the school. Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. It means living in the moment, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. The project will take a three-armed approach: renovating a physical space for mindfulness activities; creating a strategy for professional development, training and programming for teachers and staff; and planning for a systematic integration of the tools. We are working with Molly O’Neill (Associate Principal at Washington), Christina Gingle (School Social Worker with GBAPS), Beth Heller (Community Initiatives Lead at Live54218) and Dr. Michelle Langenfeld (Superintendent with GBAPS


Freedom House Living Space/ Dining Room Renovation

Freedom House is a non-profit organization located in Green Bay. Their mission is to equip families with the skills and resources needed to become and maintain self-sufficiency. They cater their resources specifically to families with children headed by a single parent.

On Monday, April 16, 2018, Leadership Green Bay Class of 2018 Team 4 embarked on a 1 week renovation of 2 rooms at Freedom House. During renovations the family living space received a fresh coat of paint, new carpet & window treatments, updated heating registers, a new TV and blu ray player, dvd’s, pictures and other room furnishings. The dining room also received a new coat of paint, updated window treatments & new foldable tables.

The updates to these rooms will help improve the living conditions of the 12 ongoing families that use this facility. Residents and staff have been impressed with their new surroundings and look forward to getting to use these spaces.

Leadership Green Bay Class of 2018 Team 4 would like to thank: Associated Bank, Berners-Schober Associates, Inc., Blue Print Services, Lois Dennik, Festival Foods, Forman Heating, Green Bay Packaging, Humana, HJ Martin, KI, Deb Mauthe, Nature’s Way, Northern Group, Prevea Health, and The George Kress Foundation for their sponsorship or in kind donations to this project.


Re-Cycle - Bike Donation for Those in Need

On Saturday, April, 21, 2018, Leadership Green Bay Class of 2018 Team 5 completed a successful bicycle donation drive at Leicht Park in Green Bay, with a total of 165 bicycles collected.

Seeking donations from the public, collected over 75 bicycles on Saturday, many of which were donated to area shelters such as NEW Community Shelter, Freedom House, Golden House, Brown County Shelter Care and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The other salvageable bicycles collected will be shared with the Green Bay Bicycle Collective. These bikes will be used for their Earn-a-Bike program.

In addition to the public donation, the team also used donated funds to purchase nearly 90 new bikes that will also be donated. Each bicycle that is donated to an area shelter will come equipped with a helmet donated by BayCare Clinic, and locks that were purchased with donated funds.

The bike drive was conducted to provide safe and reliable transportation for men, women, and children in the area.

Leadership Green Bay Class of 2018 Team 5 would like to thank Associated Bank, BayCare Clinic, Boy Scouts of America, Legato Healthcare Marketing, Paper Transport, Inc, Schneider, and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation for sponsoring the team members. Special thanks to Walmart, Leadership Green Bay, the City of Green Bay, and the Green Bay Bicycle Collective, as well as Pete’s Garage, Stadium Bike, Bike Hub, the Green Bay Police Department, the sponsors who donated to the cause, and those who donated their time, effort, and bicycles.


(Re)Storing Hope

Team 6 is partnering with Brown County Shelter Care to replace a rotting, rodent-infested shed with a new garage at the facility to safely store the personal belongings of each resident, as well as house a recent donation of 25 bicycles and a bike repair station for resident use. The garage will provide a sense of safety and security for the residents that their personal belongings are well cared for and free from damage. In addition to making a difference for the youth residents at Brown County Shelter Care, the new garage will revitalize the neighborhood by removing the existing shed and replacing it with a new structure.



Construct a healing Labyrinth:

The team set out to construct a healing labyrinth in the backyard at the Libertas facility in Green Bay; provide additional backyard

improvements including sitting benches, a resurfaced basketball court and new basketball hoops; and additional landscaping around the labyrinth. Libertas is a voluntary adolescent substance abuse rehabilitation facility offering both inpatient and outpatient services. Team 1 quickly settled in on working on shared passions surrounding children and substance abuse as well as a desire to work on a project with a tangible product. They contacted several organizations and found the team at Libertas Treatment Center to be very well matched with our team vision. Specifically, they were looking for a healing labyrinth to provide a new and different form of treatment for their patients. Among the many reported benefits of labyrinths, the team at Libertas was specifically interested in the ability of a labyrinth to quiet the mind and provide a space for meditation and self-reflection for their patients and staff.


Vertical Bike Shelter and Bike Repair Station at NEW Community Shelter in downtown Green Bay

The team partnered with the NEW Community in downtown Green Bay. Their plan was to provide structures that protect the residence’s bicycles from rain and snow. The new bicycle racking system will hang the bikes rather than have them stored on the ground.  The shelter shared their primary mode of transportation for its residence year-round is a bicycle. Many of these bicycles are in disrepair; only about 80 are usable at one time. The residents are provided with a bicycle that has been donated to the shelter to get to work and other appointments they may have. They rely heavily on the bicycles because the Green Bay Metro does not

operate 24/7/365. Therefore, if they work second or third shift, they need an alternate form of transportation to get to work.


Bike repair stations throughout Green Bay Area

The team worked to create bike repair stations throughout Green Bay. Cycle Rescue Station puts the tools where the people need them – on the trails, near the streets, and in the bike rooms. Eight tools on retractable braided stainless steel cables bring durable, tangle-free, organized, and easy to use tools to the hands of cyclists. This evolution of design also allows for the direct mounting of a pump, keeping the footprint small but the value large. Tools included: Phillips and standard screwdrivers, two steel core tire levers, headset/pedal wrench, 8mm/10mm cone wrench, 9mm/11mm cone wrench, Torx T-25 and Hex key set.


Annual Sock Drive

The team established goals to collect new socks for people of all ages in our community who are affected by homelessness, poverty, and domestic abuse.  They partnered with Brown County Human Services to collect and distribute new socks to those in need through shelter homes, public schools and direct distribution.  The goal is to help provide new socks for the less fortunate in our community.  A new pair of socks can have a profound effect on one’s self-esteem, restoring dignity, and providing basic comfort to people in need. The sock drive will also bring the community together to rally behind a common cause, by encouraging volunteering and small donations, as we can make a real difference in people’s lives — and feet in our community. The sock drive also serves as a grass roots means of raising awareness for those less fortunate and homelessness.


Ben’s Wish - Increase awareness and sustainability

This team set out to increase awareness and sustainability of Ben’s Wish and the impact the organization is making on our community. This project will be accomplished through creation of marketing materials and updates to the Ben’s Wish website and social media.  Peter and Becky Delain created Ben’s Wish in memory of their son, Ben Delain. Ben was a compassionate boy who hated to see any hurt in the world. In August 2007, while driving to the annual family campout, Ben saw a homeless man on the side of the road asking for food. He persistently begged to pull over the truck, and when they did, he gently tossed the man an apple.

A few days after that selfless act, Ben passed away as a result of an accident at the age of 11.  Ben’s wish of helping others remains alive through the work of the Ben’s Wish organization. The organization strives to feed those who cannot feed themselves as Ben did on that August day. By bringing together communities and organizations, Ben’s Wish strives to reduce the food insecurity issues in Northeast Wisconsin.


Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill School Graduation

This team established goals to develop and coordinate a graduation experience for students, at Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill School, similar to those at other Green Bay public high schools. This project will include planning, coordination, execution of the graduation ceremony, procurement of graduation gowns for the students, and development of an ongoing scholarship to benefit at least

one graduating senior annually. Currently Minoka-Hill does not have a graduation ceremony; the group will help get a ceremony going for the spring and fall graduations. This will benefit the students that are graduating by helping them feel the accomplishment of

graduating and providing them with the same experience other students get at their school.



Stage at Whitney Park:

Their project was a stage at Whitney Park in downtown Green Bay. Whitney Park is used for the music in the park series as well as comedic entertainment.  The stage will enhance the experience for those attending the park and provide a better venue for the performers.  Congratulations to the Leadership Green Bay Class of 2016 Team #1 for raising over $28,000 to get the stage accomplished. 


Natural Playground at Encompass Early Education and Care Center

The first natural playground at the non-profit Encompass Early Education & Care.  The playground included the use of stone, trees – the tree and tree “chips”, and a garden plus kitchen area.  This area encourages and fosters the use of imagination and the opportunity to explore and investigate the outdoors.  This was necessary as many kids are now device-driven.


Foster Parent Awareness Marketing Campaign for Brown County:

The need for Foster Care families in Brown County is increasing. Approximately 200 children are currently in foster care, and roughly 15-20 children enter foster care on a monthly basis with half of them ending up in residential treatment centers or shelter care. Along with these harsh facts, Foster Care is misunderstood. In an effort to help build awareness of the need and to better explain what it means to be a Foster Care family, our team developed an integrative marketing campaign including TV, Radio, Public Relations, Print Collateral, Social Media, Digital, Networking Events and Grass Roots. The plan kicks off in May with Foster Care Awareness Month and continues throughout the year.  In addition, we created a Marketing Campaign Tool Kit with contacts and resources so Brown County could sustain what we started in year 2017 and beyond.

The primary goal of the marketing campaign is to build awareness, understanding and interest to the point that the number of people who attend the monthly Foster Care information sessions, increases. These sessions are key to converting interested individuals to foster care parents.


Reading Area and Water Fountain at Navarino Park:

Navarino Neighborhood Park, located at 800 Stuart Street in East Green Bay, has become a frequent gathering place for the children of the Navarino Neighborhood community.  The Navarino Neighborhood Association hosts many children’s events at the park, including a summer reading program.  While the City of Green Bay installed new playground equipment in late 2015, the park is still lacking in various amenities.  Our group project’s focus is to enhance Navarino Park, to compliment the recent improvements made by the City.  We believe creating an inviting environment conducive of learning will help the Neighborhood Association to continue to offer the area’s youth with educational programs, such as the summer reading program.

Our group project included the following improvements to Navarino Park:  a drinking fountain; reading benches; and an educational area.  We have worked with the Neighborhood Association as well as The City of Green Bay Department of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry to ensure the proposed improvements will work well with any future development plans for the park. 


Mobile Educational Unit Showcasing Home Safety for the Center for Childhood Safety:

Utilize a recreational vehicle and outfit the interior content to showcase safety products and common unsafe practices to which children are exposed in the home.  This mobile unit will be transported to events attended by the Center for Childhood Safety and open to the public to tour and learn about injury prevention.       

To reduce the prevalence of childhood injury/death due to preventable causes.  The Center for Childhood Safety does not have the resources to procure this training unit on its own and we wish to meet that need. The potential for exposure both to children and families in Northeast Wisconsin is incredible and we believe prevention starts with education.  The more people we can reach, the more injuries/deaths we can prevent.  This is the second unit of its kind in the nation.


Wrecked at the Weidner: Distracted Driving Program for Green Bay Area Teens:

This was an impressionable program for area teens regarding the impact of distracted driving.  There were live actors depicting an end result of a distracted driving incident, real survivors of crashes, media of real crashes, and numerous emergency responders from healthcare and public safety involved in this event helping all attendees understand why two-hands on the wheel and full attention is needed when driving.



Bring Back the Beach

Green Bay could have a beach again – and the team will host an event to educate the community on the history of the beach and bring awareness to the potential of a beach.   Bring Back the Beach will be held on Saturday, June 27, from noon – 4 p.m. at Bay Beach, behind the pavilion. This family-friendly event will include a historical photo display of the beach, sand activities, fun experiments, face painting, photo booth, and more. Also learn about the plans and efforts being made to make the beach a reality.   

Supporting groups include Friends of Bay Beach, Bay Lakes Regional Planning Commission, Clean Bay Backers and the City of Green Bay.  Follow us on Facebook: Bring Back the Beach.


Caring Closet at Nicolet Elementary

The team is working in collaboration with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Children and Youth Organization to bring a Caring Closet to Nicolet Elementary School in Green Bay. The team is utilizing the existing framework of current Caring Closets in the Green Bay School District while also looking for additional opportunities to assist in advancing the program’s overall success throughout all of our school communities. Understanding that education is arguably the most important tool in crossing the socio-economic gap, the team believes there is an opportunity to alleviate some of the stressors facing our homeless youth, their families and the schools that they attend. With a program designed to provide students with school supplies, clothes, gym clothes and other necessities, we will hammer away at the barriers of guilt, embarrassment and hopelessness that these children may feel by not having these essentials. The team hopes to replace those feelings with self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of belonging that will allow them to thrive in the educational system.


Osprey Point Educational Signage

The team has partnered with the Brown County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America (BCIWLA) to create and install educational signage and an informational kiosk at Osprey Point, a 100-acre conservancy, located in the Village of Bellevue.  The signage will educate visitors about nature and enhance the usefulness of Osprey Point. We seek to make Osprey Point easier to navigate and appreciate.  Twelve new educational signs, along hiking trails, will inform and teach visitors about their surroundings without a tour guide.  In addition, a kiosk near the shelter building will provide information about BCIWLA, Osprey Point, and how to navigate the property.


Bike Racks in Downtown Green Bay

The team wants to provide visitors with a safe, permanent bike rack in a central location to the businesses and accommodations in the downtown area.  Furthermore, providing a multi-unit bike rack in downtown will encourage more citizens to visit the downtown area using alternative transportation.  This will help promote healthy and green living in the Green Bay area.  In order to secure the bike racks and provides ease of maintenance, the bike racks will be mounted into a concrete slab, which will need to be laid prior to installing the racks. There will be two groups of 7 bike racks.  Each group of 7 will sit on a concrete slab that will measure 7’-4” x 20 feet and will be placed on the west side corner of Washington Street and Doty Street. The specific area will be along the north side of the access trail to the Fox River Trail from the Washington Street sidewalk between two existing light poles. The two existing trees in this location are being removed for a different project and will be replaced after the bike racks are installed.  The bike racks will be set side by side with a 2’-6” spacing between the bike racks for easy entrance from the existing trail.  This complies with recommended spacing, according to the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. This link is a map showing the location of each station: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1GdKcnMHqmlFHVZOe9W0xy7Pc14Y&usp=sharing


Upgrade Sanctuary’s Manger Lagoon Pier

The team has partnered with Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary to upgrade fishing access on the Sanctuary’s Manger Lagoon. The team will coordinate the removal of two current fishing piers in order to install a single, more appropriate and accessible pier. The Manger Lagoon is a popular fishing spot for youth under the age of 15 as well as adults with disabilities. The new pier will play host to several local groups, including after-school programs, Sanctuary and DNR fishing classes, and birdwatchers, to name a few. Along with increasing in size, the new pier will also extend further into the lagoon in order to take advantage of better fishing opportunities afforded by a recent lagoon-dredging project. Upgrades to the current pathway leading to the pier will allow easier access for those with disabilities.  


West De Pere High School – The Hanger

The team proudly presents The Hanger at West De Pere High School. Opened in April 2015, The Hanger is a school-based resource center that helps ensure all WDPHS students have the necessities to be comfortable and successful at school:  personal hygiene products, school supplies, and clothing. The team designed, constructed, and stocked the store after generating funds from numerous local businesses and individuals. Going forward, students in need will receive free, confidential “shopping” visits to The Hanger with the school’s counselor. Additionally, students of varying ability levels will help manage and operate the store going forward, giving them the opportunity to learn and apply authentic life skills. Community members are invited to contribute toward The Hanger’s legacy by donating funds, new supplies, or reusable clothing directly to West De Pere High School.



Farmer’s Market

With the move of the downtown Saturday Farmers Market taking place in late May, the team is using a “Fresh Start” opportunity to spread awareness of the health benefits provided by fresh food purchased from the Market via a two-part community partnership event.  To hopefully maximize attendance at the event, the team is collaboratively marketing it with Howe Community Resource Center, Howe Elementary School and local media.  Part One of the event will feature representatives from LIVE54218, the Saturday Farmers Market Committee, Casa Alba Melanie, Howe Community Resource Center and UW-Extension at an initial gathering at Howe Elementary School, during which the team’s partners will provide information on preparing fresh and healthy food obtained at the Market, incentives the Market provides, and the health benefits of walking to and around the Market. Part Two, on May 31, 2014, the morning of the first Saturday Farmers Market of the season, the team will meet community members at Howe Elementary School, conduct a drawing, and walk to the Market together.  Amongst others, an objective of the team project is to develop a sustainable outcome, meaning generation of enough momentum to warrant one of the participating partners to continue the program for future Saturday Farmers Markets.


East River Trail Markers and Cleanup

The primary component of the team project is to install 1/10 of a mile trail markers along a 1.5 mile stretch along the East River Trail. The markers will run from Brown County Extension at Elkay Lane to Joannes Park and will improve trail visibility, functionality and safety. This was an initiative several neighborhood associations have been attempting for a number of years. The contributions include: applying for and receiving approval from the City Parks Committee and City Council, raising funds for the specific recycled plastic posts required and related materials, cutting, assembling, and labeling the posts, and arranging for an in-kind donation of concrete contractors. Installation took place on Friday, April 25. In addition, the team worked in conjunction with a Brown County Teen Leadership group to plan an Earth Day clean-up of the East River Trail on April 26. The team helped by providing guidance and offering contacts and resources for donations of food and clean-up supplies.


Olde North Neighborhood Community Garden

In partnership with the Brown County UW-Extension office, the team is developing a vacant lot in the Olde North neighborhood of Green Bay into a community garden. This neighborhood is recognized as one of the most challenged neighborhoods in the City of Green Bay and is considered a food desert, meaning there is an extreme lack of access to healthy and affordable food within this area.  The design of the garden will include raised beds, tabletop gardens, a children’s garden, pergola, walking path and fence. The team’s vision is that the garden will serve multiple needs for the neighborhood by not only providing healthy food, but also connecting neighbors together, providing educational opportunities for all age levels, especially youth, and offering tabletop gardens for individuals with disabilities. Construction is set to begin on May 17th. Additionally, the UW-Extension will be incorporating the garden into their garden program and will provide oversight of the yearly garden rentals and water tank supply.


Tank Elementary School

In partnership with Tank Elementary School, Ben’s Wish, and RGL Holdings, the team’s mission is to engage community members to maintain a learning environment that can focus on the goal of teaching, while supporting the needs of the student beyond the art of learning. Poverty is the largest issue that Tank Elementary School currently faces, and the team has raised funds to offer Gotchas, clothing garments, non-perishable foods items, and eyewear.  220 students have been impacted by the team’s initiative so far, thus allowing them to focus on academics rather than daily stressors due to inaccessibility of these basic but needed items. In November 2013, the team held its first assembly at Tank, dispersing a stocking hat giveaway. During December through March, the team worked on introducing people and building a partnership for the projects’ sustainability, provided Christmas store deliverables, working with Ben’s Wish founders to get the weekend food program implemented, provided volunteer opportunities for students on Martin Luther King Day, volunteered at Winter Carnival, and attended assemblies.  In April 2014, the team, in partnership with RGL Holdings,  organized and conducted a career day for 60 students at NWTC and RGL in Green Bay. The team hopes to make a sustainable difference in the lives of others.


Bullying Prevention

The team has partnered with Girl Scouts of Northwestern Great Lakes and the Green Bay Area Public Schools to promote a number of events designed to bring attention to bullying prevention and the promotion of kindness among young girls and women. Events include two community showings of the nationally regarded video documentary “Finding Kind,” which was viewed by over 300 people, followed by a contest where girls and women from a variety of age groups can submit essays and videos on how they can foster a stronger sense of kindness among each other. The purpose of this project is to bring a message of kindness and civility into organizations that focus on and attract a large number of young people and emphasize the value of kindness to reduce and ultimately eliminate bullying among girls and young women. The Girl Scouts and the Green Bay Area Public Schools plan to make this an annual event. In order to sustain the initiative, the team will produce a “how to” manual, as an effort to eliminate the need to revisit problems and issues that have already been addressed.


Youth Mentorship Program

The team came up with an initiative to develop a mentorship program for youth ages 14-18. The team recognized that there is a gap in serving this age group in our community. In partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeastern Wisconsin, the team hopes to build on existing mentorship opportunities and engage additional mentors. To identify the youth who the program will serve, the team hopes to partner with social workers or other organizations. The team’s goal is to match youth with a mentor who shares similar interests and talents, in order to develop and foster a positive and impactful relationship. The long-term goal is to develop the program in order for Big Brother’s Big Sister’s to incorporate and sustain this aspect of mentorship services that they can provide.



Pals Parents Program

The team project helped to create Parent Pals, a new community program offered through the Brown County Human Services Department.  Parent Pals works with parents of families in the system that need guidance, which is accomplished by pairing community volunteers with those parents who have shown a desire to become better leaders of their household.  Through regular meetings with their volunteer mentors and trainings provided by the Human Services Department, parents in this program are given both the support and tools needed to change their lives and those of their children. 


Garden of Hope Community Garden

The team partnered with the New Community Shelter to develop a community garden and park.  It is located at the corner of N. Broadway and Mather Street on the site of a former auto body shop.  The vacant lot was purchased by the Shelter with the intentions of creating a green space for Shelter residents and community. The team project was put on hold due to lack of funds and a greater need to fund raise for Shelter programs and services. The team saw this as an opportunity to directly impact the Shelter residents as well as the community by giving them a serene location to meet, work together and dream.


Beautify The Fox

“Beautify The Fox” river cleanup was inspired by the lack of attention to the shores of the Fox River seen in recent years.  It has been three years since the last river cleanup, and the team wanted to re-inspire our community to take pride in our most prominent natural resource. The team sought involvement from concerned citizens, local businesses and organizations, as well as local schools and some of the affiliated clubs.  The extent of the cleanup was designated from the mouth of the Fox to the first dam in De Pere.  The team concentrated on focus locations that had been determined to be of greatest need of cleanup.  A small effort by many can make a huge difference in our community.


Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event

The team partnered with Golden House and Sexual Assault Center to organize the inaugural Walk A Mile in Here Shoes ® Fund Raiser which is the international men’s march in high heels to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. In Green Bay, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes will benefit the Brown County Community Coordinated Response Team (CCR)—a partnership formed by Golden House, Family Services, the Sexual Assault Center and other key community organizations with the mission of raising awareness, and preventing domestic violence, and sexual assault.  They were successful in raising over $20,000 for the single day event.


Project “Hand Up” 

The team partnered with Freedom House Ministries Learning and Resource Center to renovate its learning and resource center.  At any given time, over 700 families in Brown County are coping with various stages of homelessness. Freedom House Ministries is the only homeless shelter in the Green Bay area that provides full services to homeless families, including single-father and single-mother families.  As part of its mission, Freedom House Ministries seeks to address the full range of challenges with which family coping with homelessness are faced and provide a “hand up, not a hand out. Freedom House Ministries has a learning and resource center, where adult clients learn to develop financial-planning and financial-management skills.  The Freedom House was challenged to meet its needs in this area through dilapidated technology and bulky classroom furniture.  The team refurbished the Learning and Resource Center with new tables and chairs, and a large-screen television in order to better present visual aids and videos during educational sessions.  They provided updated laptop computers and collected a wide range of motivational and educational books and other materials so that Freedom House’s clients and staff can further its goal of giving its families a “hand up” to move past homelessness.  The team also provided a general facelift through new paint, flooring, and shelving, in order for the Learning and Resource Center to provide a comfortable and inspirational learning environment during educational sessions. 



Titletown Feet

The goal of this team project was to provide appropriate athletic footwear to underserved young athletes in Brown County.  Non-participation in sports could increase the incidence of childhood obesity, which contributes to unhealthy lifestyles and future health risks. They focused on middle school partners for this project and provided shoes to Washington Middle School and Franklin Junior High providing over 150 pairs of shoes. 


LIVE 54218

LIVE54218 came out of a community question posed several years before about the health of our community.   From that came the vision of LIVE 54218, a simple approach to lifestyle change with the following daily recommendations: 5 fruits and vegetables, 4 bottles of water, fewer than 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity and 8 hours of sleep.  The team helped create community awareness by running and promoting a launch at the YWMCA Healthy Kids Day.  This included an oversized interactive game of Live54218 themed Twister, pre-event bingo, free giveaways and informational material. 


Ruth Helf Family Center- Extreme Make-Over

This center is a facility that provides a safe and homelike meeting place to reunite parents with their children who have been temporarily removed from their care by court orders.  The center hosted 1,800 visits, reuniting parents and their children.  The facility was in significant need of repair. The team replaced siding, rotted windows, created signage for the front of the building, installed new kitchen countertops, sink and faucet and renovated the children’s bathroom with new cabinetry, countertops, sinks, faucets and diaper changing space.


CP Center – “Color their World”

The team partnered with the CP Center to “Color the World” of the center’s lower-level Children’s Therapy Services area from stark white to a facility alive with color and warmth.  You are welcomed by blue skies and puffy clouds and a model airplane suspended from above.  With the help of over 100 volunteers they created colorful murals of Door County and sea life.  The therapy rooms were transformed with color for limited distractions.  The clients and guests are greeted with towering trees, frolicking birds and animals, and friendly faces rolling in their chairs, jumping rope, blowing bubbles and having a picnic. 


Children’s Museum of Green Bay Programming

The new Children’s Museum of Green Bay needed some programming help.  The team came up with programming for three programs:  Science Saturdays, Healthy Living, and Children’s Reading Programs.  These programs have engaged two large employers that helped plan and execute the programming.  The themed sessions for the Reading Program involve readings, fun activities or songs and a related art project in the museum’s craft area. 



Bay Beach History:  Signs of the Times

The team project was to create signage to highlight the historical background of each ride at Bay Beach Amusement Park.  Each of the 18 attractions now has its own sign detailing its unique history, when it was originally built, and how it found its way to Bay Beach.


Project Green Bay A-Z

The team partnered with the Neville Public Museum of Brown County to launch a preview exhibit for an amazing collection of historic photos from the Green Bay Press Gazette.  The main purpose is to create a permanent interactive kiosk that will allow Museum’s visitors to access their community’s history via a touch screen.  A variety of photos collected will be presented, representing the letters “A-Z”.


Caring for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)

CASA is an organization that speaks up for the best interests of abused and neglected children while their case moves through the legal and social services systems.  The team is working together with the board members to create a fundraising event to help fund this program – CASA Blanca is the annual event the team worked to create.


Lighting the Way to the Kroc

The team decided to support and collaborates with the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center opening this fall.   The center is a Community Center run by the Salvation Army and will benefit low income families on the east side of Green Bay.  The team will be working on lighting and installing cameras on the path that leads to the center for the safety of the children.  They will be working with different municipalities in order to get the funding for these lights and cameras.


Thingamajigger House

The Thingamajigger House is a Dr. Seuss-themed playhouse for the preschool age clients of the Family Services Healthy Families program.  The goal is to create a fun and whimsical place where girls and boys alike from toddlers to age five, can imagine, play and perhaps even make their favorite Dr. Seuss books come to life. This realistic replica of the Dr. Seuss favorite will bring a smile to your face and those of all the clients that will visit.  



United States Map on Elementary School Playground

The team objective was to provide a tangible tool/product that schools can use to enhance learning of the United States including capitals and specific state facts. They designated an area on the playground at Aldo Leopold School to draw/paint the United States.  They coordinated this with other activities and games including providing several GPS systems for the students to utilize.


RX Drop Box - Prescription Medication Disposal Program

The Rx Drop Box is a prescription medication collection program for the disposal of unwanted prescription medications from the Green Bay community in a safe, convenient and easy manner.  The goal is to reduce the risk of prescription drug abuse and accidental poisoning, and to prevent harmful materials from entering the environment.


Water is Life, Live It Large Group Water Gallery Exhibit, The Children’s Museum of Green Bay

The team will provide leadership and support in the installation of the Water Gallery Exhibit for the new Children’s Museum of Green Bay.  The Water Gallery Exhibit is one of two showcase exhibits at the heart of the new museum, highlighting the key role of the Fox River and Great Lakes in the history of the Greater Green Bay.


Recycling Education on Electronics/Broadway Recycling Project

In an effort to promote sustainability and a cleaner environment, this team wanted to:  Educate people about the new electronic recycling laws taking effect on Sept. 1, 2010; and promote recycling within a city district.  They produced two informative films on how to recycle the electronic materials and also are going to place recycling bins in the On Broadway district.


“Sent to the Fort” Children’s Book

The team worked with a second grade class at Fort Howard Elementary School to write and illustrate a children’s book that would have a positive impact on children’s lives.  The students created the book and did the illustrations with the help of professionals.  The book has been printed and the proceeds of the book go to support the Fort Howard Elementary School. 



Etched in Stone

The team decided to honor a team project from the class of 2006 called Flags of Diversity in Leicht Park.  They did this by installing a granite marker with the words “Our community is every-changing.  It has been, and continues to be, built upon the diverse ethnicities of those who have come before and those who have yet to arrive.  The Flags of Diversity celebrate these many different cultures.” 


Compact Fluorescent Lamps:  Save Energy, Recycle Safety

The team project wanted to educate Brown County residents on compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).  They contain small amounts of mercury and need to be safely recycled.  They created a written piece on how and where to safely recycle them and a traveling display for use in Earth Week activities with plans to display at the Neville Public Museum for viewing.


“Life Opportunities” Multi-media Presentation

The team created a multi-media piece about the shortage of mentors for youth in our community.  It is housed on the Volunteer Center website and will be available on the Leadership Green Bay website in the future.  The vision for this project was to raise awareness and give the leaders in our community an opportunity to truly “Model the Way”. 


Kids Art from the Street

The team joined forces with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Program of the Green Bay Area Public School District to increase awareness of the more than 600 homeless students attending schools and the challenges they face.  They had the students create artwork and made them into cards and sold them to raise funds for their program.


Greater Green Bay Safety Town A.S.A.A. P. (Advocates for Safety Awareness and Accident Prevention

Through education, the team goal was to eliminate all preventable injuries that lead to disabilities and death.  They developed a business and marketing plan to build and operate a permanent Greater Green Bay Safety Town for the Center for Childhood Safety. 



Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat Restore is a division of Habitat for Humanity, operates retail outlets selling quality used and surplus building materials at a fraction of normal retail prices.  Items sold at the ReStore are donated by building supply stores, contractors, demolition crews or individuals.   


Helping the Helpful

The team wants to give back days for area non-profit organizations through a series of small, capital improvement projects or volunteer opportunities.  Painting and Volunteering become sustainable with the help of the Leadership Green Bay Alumni Service committee.


New North Marketing Piece for 5th Grade Students

The team created a marketing piece to fifth grade students, which explains New North regional effort to increase economic growth in our area.   This brochure development is in conjunction with a proposed Simulated City for fifth graders who will be introduced to the New North Village in the future. 


Art Mural for local Resource Center

The team wanted to create an art mural attached to the Howe Resource Center with a diversity theme by including the local area artists and children from the Boys and Girls Club After School program at Danz Elementary, the YMCA After School program at Howe Elementary, and program participants at Family Services.  The designs were created by the children and incorporated by the artists into some beautiful murals for the side and front of the Howe Resource Center.


Every 15 Minutes

The team has joined forces with the “Every 15 Minutes” program to educate high school students in the Green Bay area on the effects of drunk driving.  This program offers the life experience without the real-life risks.   This will be offered at a local high school with a real crash simulation and memorial service followed by a discussion with parents who have lost children to drunken driving accidents. 



LGB/Junior Achievement Scholarship

Leadership Green Bay and Junior Achievement have partnered to provide an annual “Model the Way” scholarship.  The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a young person who has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and exemplified the “Model the Way” principles.  It is good for a two or four-year college-bound student.  They will have established a standard of excellence and set an example for others to follow.


Interpretive Signs on the Trail

The team is working to mark this well-traveled Fox River Trail with interpretive signs that will help preserve area history and raise awareness of the value of the waterways, past and present.  They partnered with the Brown County Parks Department and the Port of Green Bay, as well as the Brown County Library on the historical research.  


Miracle Baseball League Support

The team has joined forces with the founder of the Miracle League of Green Bay, which provides the opportunity for children with mental or physical challenges to play baseball on a real team, with real uniforms in an organized league, regardless of their capabilities.  Games are played at Allouez Optimist Park where completely handicap-accessible; rubber surface field is to be fully constructed for the 2007 season. The goal was to generate awareness in the community by promoting, recruiting and marketing the program.


Zero Blazes

The team discovered that 47% of residences in Greater Green Bay do not have working smoke alarms.  In partnering with the Green Bay Metro Fire Department they created a sustainable program of smoke alarms.  They targeted a 90 square block area and had volunteers go in and install these alarms.  The printing of a multi-lingual brochure explained the program was given to the residents.  They are committed to the 2007 Zero Blaze event getting Green Bay one-step closer to the goal of 0% unprotected homes in the Greater Green Bay area. 


“Be a Kid with Your Kid”

The team’s goal was to assist the communication process between parents and their preteens (11-13 year olds).  The project was to develop a program working with the Salvation Army for “date nights” that will open the communication between parent and preteen.  The program will have an activity once a month on Friday evenings for the nine months of the school year.



Home Delivered Meals Marketing Video

In partnership with the Brown County Aging Resource Center and Pulse Communications this team produced a marketing video for the Home Delivered Meals Program for the Aging Resource Center.  The intent of the video is to raise the amount of volunteers for the program as the number of those in need of the service continues to increase, especially in the city of Green Bay.


Flags in Leicht Park

The goal of the team project was to raise flags in the newly developed Leicht Park to celebrate the diverse ethnic groups and countries of origin that are found in Green Bay and surrounding areas today.  Leicht Park is located along the west side of the Fox River in downtown Green Bay. 


Earth Day Activity

The team worked to increase awareness within the community on the effects of storm water pollution on water quality.  Over 150 Southwest High School students participated in stenciling drain storms on Earth Day after educating them about how pollutants go directly into the river. 

Recycle Time

The team partnered with Green Bay Children’s Museum to create an exhibit that focuses on recycling.  The goal is to educate children regarding the positive impact they can have on the environment by teaching them proper ways of disposing of everyday items.  Through the use of computer software and compliance with the standards and benchmarks of the Green Bay Area Public Schools, visitors to the Children’s Museum will learn to utilize proper disposal methods and sorting requirements.  As part of the planned exhibit, a wall of “garbage” will visually give children a perspective of what they might find in a local landfill.

Easy Access Community Service Reference Guides

The team project involved the design, production, and distribution of quick-reference guides to connect families in Brown County with essential community services and service providers.  The reference guides will be concise, durable, and printed in English, Spanish, and Hmong.  They will be available throughout the community at public locations convenient for those most likely to benefit from the information.



Operation Support from Titletown

The goal of this team project was to provide an individual care package to each of the military personnel assigned to the Wisconsin Army units 890th and 432nd.  The objective was two-fold: to collect enough materials, such as personal hygiene items; to begin a writing campaign by local area students in a variety of grade levels.  With a successful campaign as well as corporate support, they were able to collect the needed items and recognize our community heroes.

Mobile Welcome and Information Center

This traveling welcome and information center was created by transforming a trailer donated by PMI into a traveling display of what our community has to offer.  It will be utilized at all the major events that happen in Green Bay.  It also serves as a first aid station at these events and is equipped with an emergency defibrillator donated by St. Vincent Hospital. 

C.O.T.S. (Churches Offering Temporary Shelter)

In partnership with the Brown County Homeless and Housing Coalition, the team project is to provide temporary, emergency overnight shelter for singles and families who do not meet the criteria for admittance at current facilities or who are on waitlists at current shelters.  Seven to ten churches will provide shelter on a rotating basis.


Zachary Taylor Commemorative Statue

The team project is to erect a bronze statue of the only President of the United States to serve at Fort Howard.  This statue will be erected at the main gate of Leicht Park on the grounds of the old Fort Howard military post. 


Kids Night Out

Partnering with Chappell Elementary School and their “Star” program this team project helped the school recognize students with perfect attendance, no tardiness, and the ability to get homework assignments done.  They did this by creating special events after school and on weekends that those eligible could attend.  These activities included a pizza party followed by a Green Bay Gamblers Hockey Game, a Pep Rally, a bowling night, and a day at Tundra Lodge.



Literacy Council Partnership

“Help Your Neighbor Read.” The team distributed over 9,000 books to Title 9 and Title 1 schools where the need is greatest, working with the Retired Teachers Association, PTAs, etc.


St. Francis Park Permanent Restrooms on the Fox River Trail

The team raised $65,000 to build permanent restroom facilities for the Fox River Trail users.  Many donations were used including lots of in-kind services such as construction help from Smet Construction.  Opening in the spring of 2005.


Service Club Directory and Awareness Program

The team assisted with Service Clubs by creating awareness, contacting service clubs working with the marketing department at NWTC for promotion.


Volunteer Center Videotape

The team developed a videotape with Sue Premo at the Volunteer Center to promote Volunteer Opportunities.  This will be a piece that they can use to recruit new volunteers.


Chess in the City

The team purchased Life Size Chess Sets that were distributed in the community.  Having a chess set in downtown Green Bay, Washington Commons, another set On Broadway and another in NWTC.  The purpose is to promote recreational activity, partnering with Green Bay Chess Association.



D.A.R.E. to Dream

This program is to celebrate fifth grade students through a D.A.R.E. graduation program.  The team worked collaboratively with the Green Bay Area Public Schools and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC). They conducted two separate two-hour sessions on May 23, 2003 for approximately 300 fifth grade students from six of the Green Bay Public Schools.  The sessions were held during the normal school day on NWTC campus.  Sessions celebrated their D.A.R.E. graduation and introduced them to educational programs offered by NWTC.  Several of the officers were there to meet and interact with the children.  Goodies for the children were provided by Prevea Health Services, Humana and 95.5 WKSZ.


Linking Leaders

The team developed a program that would enhance leadership in teens and increase the probability of them staying in the Green Bay area as long-term contributors to our businesses and community.  The program links Brown County Teen Leadership alumni with alumni from Leadership Green Bay.  Each mentor will spend up to eight hours with the teens they are matched with.  This experience will hopefully help prevent the “brain drain” (our young people not looking to stay in our area upon completion of their post secondary educations.)


Melding Generations Through Stories

The team wanted to bridge the gap between generations to create a sense of belonging by capturing family and community history.  The team worked with fifth grade class of Danz Elementary School, their teachers and librarian. This project was part of a bilingual curriculum.  The students interviewed an elder, wrote short accounts of the interview, accompanied the story with photographs and artwork.  All of the stories were bound together in a book with copies going to the students, elders and their teachers. The team worked with the students and wrote the book in half English and half Spanish.  The process will be utilized in future English as a Second Language curriculum at Danz Elementary School. 


Entrepreneurial Learning Opportunity

The team focused on informing students about starting and owning a small business.  In a collaborative effort with Urban Hope, they worked with six students who were put through an intense two-week training.  The workshop included five two-hour sessions, Monday through Friday focusing on strategies, sales, human services and marketing.  The next week they were able to tour businesses that had been graduates of the Urban Hope program and also hear different business owners talk about their successes and their challenges.  The goal is to have this program become part of the curriculum in area high schools.


Brown County Permanent Carseat Fitting Station

Wisconsin law mandates that all children under the age of 4 be restrained in a child safety seat while riding in a passenger vehicle.  Children’s car seats need to be correctly installed in order to work properly.  The team established a permanent Car Seat Fitting Station for automobiles.  They refurbished the station space with the help of Brown County employees, fitting station staff and many donations. The Brown County Car Seat Fitting Station has been in use since early March providing a much-needed service to the Greater Green Bay area. 

Public Artwork Highlighting Diversity

The team wanted to provide a lasting and publicly visible reminder of the Green Bay community’s cultural and ethnic diversity through art.  To involve a wide spectrum of cultures and ages in the process and, in doing so, promote cultural awareness and cooperation. The team wants to position and publicize the project as an inspiration for further collaboration in our community.  The goal includes beautifying and enhancing public space.



Observation deck/fishing deck

Working in partnership with the Brown County Parks Department the team constructed a permanent observation and fishing deck adjacent to the Fox River Trail system along the eastern shore of Green Bay.  The deck, located directly behind Hazelwood House, provides easy access to the waterfront for all individuals including the physically challenged.  This deck covers the sanitary sewer and fully enhances the beauty of the Fox River Trail.


Pilot volunteer network for four Green Bay Area Public School District Elementary Schools

The team project involves establishing a volunteer network for the four West-side Green Bay School District Elementary schools of Beaumont, Keller, Chappell and Elmore. The focus was to find contacts at local businesses and organizations to agree to be part of the network around the four schools. The school volunteer needs include guest speakers, classroom demonstrations, readers, buddy program volunteers, mentors, and /or other identified areas. 


Youth Entrepreneur Program

The team project established a partnership with Partners in Education, Advance, and the Greater Green Bay Chamber by offering the team members expertise and assistance in revitalizing and updating the Youth Entrepreneur Program.  The goal is to provide a pathway for middle and high school students to pursue their career and experience entering the workforce.  Participants learn invaluable skills in the development of their own business, such as business planning, marketing and interacting with customers.  Grants are awarded for the best business plans submitted in the annual competition. 


Project Spotlight

The team chose to help the Volunteer Center of Brown County create an awareness of their outstanding services that they offer.  They worked with staff and other resources to develop a new quarterly newsletter, highlighting the Volunteer Center services and activities.   The team procured donors for the paper and printing of four issues of the newsletter.  They also provided assistance in writing, layout and photography for the new newsletter.


Cultural Awareness in Our Schools

The team wanted to create opportunities for schools to increase cultural awareness in order to build greater understanding and appreciation of all members of the community.  The team wanted to help provide a forum for students in other schools to share their different cultures.  They created a lesson plan, support documentation and power point presentation as part of their current agenda or as a separate session. 


New Playground and Landscape Improvement for the Family Violence Center

The team provided playground equipment for the Family Violence Center because their old one no longer complied with applicable codes and had to be taken down.  They helped raise funds and get in-kind donations.  They physically did the work, which included: spreading wood chips, trim trees, move and install security fencing, and finish the landscape around the outside of the new playground area.



Brown County Community Resource Directory

There are substantial resources available in the community to assist individuals who are in need, or perhaps in crisis.  The purpose of the team project was to consolidate these resources into one comprehensive directory and to make it widely available throughout the community.  In cooperation with the Family Crisis Center and government agencies, we gathered a list of agencies established to help those in need.  We realized that a directory is only as good as its distribution, so heavy emphasis was put on getting the finished product to the right agencies in the community.  The team will distribute 5,000 copies of the Brown County Community Resource Directory to local service organizations, churches, government agencies and community centers.


Community Sailing and Aquatics Center

The team project was born out of a simple vision-to-establish a youth and family-oriented organization that promotes the use and appreciation of our community’s waterways.  We laid the foundation for a non-profit Community Sailing and Aquatics Center, by forming an advisory board of corporate and community leaders, and boating enthusiasts.  Representatives from organizations like the Windjammers Sailing Club, the Ephraim Sailing Club, the Green Bay Paddlers United, the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, the Green Bay Sail and Power Squadron, private businesses, community agencies and local government all gathered to validate the vision for the future.  Through the sailing and aquatics center, we intend to educate, to engage, and to inspire area youth and their families to build a lifelong relationship to the Bay of Green Bay. 


Partnership with The Multicultural Center of Green Bay

The team project established a partnership with the Multicultural Center that offered start-up assistance in several key areas:  Facilities Renovation-in preparation for the grand opening of the Center, group members assisted with the cleaning and painting of the Center’s new home at Grace Presbyterian Church.  The group painted the foyer, hallway and main gathering room.  Neighborhood Potluck Dinner-the group planned and promoted the first-ever, Multicultural Center neighborhood potluck dinner.  An information booklet was prepared to supplement the Center’s standard brochure.  The booklet includes volunteer opportunities guide and was distributed at the neighborhood potluck dinner and various other Multicultural gatherings.  The booklet was sent to community leaders with additional copies available at the Multicultural Center. 

Project Homewarming

Project Homewarming is a program designed to assist people leaving Green Bay homeless shelters.  Project Homewarmings’ goal is to provide baskets of cleaning and home start-up supplies to all qualifying residents leaving the shelter.  Residents qualify for a basket if they have a receipt for their first month’s rent/mortgage and proof of employment.  The basket is a one-time gift.  The group reached its goal to obtain enough contributions in product and money to sustain the program for three years.


Enhance Howe Family Resource Center

The team project was to enhance the mission of Howe Neighborhood Family Resource Center (“HNFRC”).  The HNRFC provides numerous programs to over 200 families each week.  The project created a Parenting Corner in the reception area of the HNRFC. This will provide the community with an educational toy-game lending program and a movie/book-lending program regarding a variety of parenting issues.  The project consisted of purchasing a TV/VCR, educational videos, educational booklets, parenting resource books, educational toys and games and other resources.  The Parenting Corner offers the diverse Howe community a non-threatening, informative program in a comfortable environment.



Neighborhood Park

The team project was designed to help a neighborhood association convert a gravel lot used for parking diesel trucks into a park. This parcel is in Study Area #9 of Green Bay’s Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.  As early as 1995 the City had indicated its interest in acquiring the riverbank properties in this study area, with the goal of a continuous riverfront path. The purpose was to help the neighborhood association acquire the land, and help them transform it into a park. Although the bureaucratic maze has made the process slower than we had hoped, it seems likely that we will see definitive results within the next year.


The Adopt -A-Spot Program 

The team developed a program to give individuals and groups a public way to show pride in the Green Bay community and to help keep it litter free. Anyone may participate by volunteering to take on a small part of Green Bay, pledging to maintain it three times in a twelve-month period. A sign will be erected after two clean-ups at the spot, recognizing the organization as the adopting partner.  The Adopt-A-Spot program focuses on litter prevention, beautification, neighborhood revitalization, improvement of local public places like parks, downtown, roadways and waterfronts.  The program leads the way in protecting and preserving the local environment and enhancing local quality of life.


Recognition Event for The Volunteer Center

The team partnered with the Volunteer Center to develop and implement a marketing plan for the middle school mentoring program.  For the 1999-2000 school year there were approximately 30 mentors. The goal is to increase this number to 100 for the 2000-2001 school year.  The personal approach involved organizing a “Recognition Event” for the current mentors. The mentors were publicly thanked and asked to share the program with a friend or co-worker. The second piece of the marketing effort was to develop some written materials. Part of the team designed a poster, which was mailed to businesses nearest the middle schools.  We put together a power point presentation explaining the mentoring program, which can be used in the future by the Volunteer Center. Check stuffers and a sample company newsletter article were distributed to fellow Leadership Green Bay class members in further efforts at outreach.


Teen Team Building Day

Developed one-day program to present team-building activities to seventh and eighth graders to help them focus on their self-esteem and self-image. 



Establishing Green Bay Chapter of BADD (Business Against Drunk Drivers, Inc.)

The team project is to facilitate the establishment of BADD (Business Against Drunk Drivers, Inc.) chapter in Green Bay.  BADD allows employers to raise an awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving and offers statistics, posters, videos, and even policy creation assistance for employers who want to develop drug-free workplace policies.  BADD also offers portable breathalyzers, “fatal vision” goggles, and other equipment to local schools and police departments for educational seminars.  BADD is a resource for employers with any alcohol related question or concern.  The team will identify prospective corporate founders for a BADD chapter and also sponsor a BADD information booth at the Green Bay Business Expo in February 2000.  The goal (by January 2000) is to have established a Green Bay BADD chapter governed by a board of local business leaders.


Discussions on Diversity, Housing, Youth, Social Services, and Employment

The team’s goal was to get the policymakers of our community in the same room with the representatives of minority groups to talk and listen to each other.  Four-panel discussions were set up:  In March the focus was housing, April was youth, May was social services, and June was employment.  The primary focus was to allow the two groups to talk and listen, then it was very important that this information be distributed to the wider Green Bay area and media was asked to cover each discussion.  The response was excellent.  The panel discussions were not the solution to the problems facing minorities but hopefully a step in the direction of education and trust where policymakers and recipients understand each other. 


File of Life Program

The team project established a simple, yet effective, method to ensure those with medical histories have up-to-date personal medical information available to emergency medical caregivers if the need should arise.  The project is named “File of Life” and similar to programs in existence in numerous communities throughout the United States.  The program consists of a multi-fold card upon which pertinent medical condition, medications taken, allergies, and contacts are written.  The card is inserted into a distinctively marked magnetic pocket-holder, which can be attached to the person’s refrigerator.  A similar, but smaller version of this form is also available for one’s wallet or purse.  A window sticker, placed in the front window of the participant’s home or apartment, alerts the caregiver of the existence of this form.  In the event of an emergency, the Emergency Medical Technician, police officer, etc., would look for this form.  The form provides the emergency caregiver with vital medical information, eliminating needless delay in administering correct medical treatment.  The intent is to have these forms available at Brown County pharmacies, hospitals, and community agencies such as police departments and senior citizen centers.  The Triad of Brown County will administer this project.


Porlier Pier

The team project is to convert the Wisconsin Central east-end bridge into an observation deck/fishing pier by the summer of 2000.  The pier is located at the intersection of Adams and Porlier on the Fox River.  Some aspects of the project are:  The project is dependent on the Rails to Trails project:  if ownership of the railroad property is not ceded to the state from the Wisconsin Central Railroad, the pier will not be available for renovation.  The scope of the renovation is the pier and a small strip of land between the Porlier Street right of way and the Rails to Trails as it approached the pier.  The city and county have agreed to maintain the structure and area once the project is completed.  More importantly, all of the team members have made a commitment to see the project through to completion.   



Home Delivered Meals Collaboratively with Business Community

Each week the Brown County Commission on Aging delivers meals to homebound elderly in Green Bay.  The team project was to develop a process to solicit volunteers from area businesses for the Home Delivered Meals program.  We will implement a plan for acquiring these volunteers and establishing a regular delivery schedule.  We will work together to help the Home Delivered Meals coordinator maintain the number of volunteers and establishing a regular delivery schedule.  We will work to help the Home Delivered Meals coordinator maintain the number of volunteers needed.  Once this process has been implemented, it will be turned over to the Home Delivered Meals coordinator to maintain the recruitment process.


Teen Leadership Green Bay

The team’s mission is to develop and implement a three-day workshop for Green Bay teens that focuses on cultivating personal, group and community leadership skills. The workshop will consist of three consecutive full day sessions.  The goals of the sessions will be to focus on the development of personal leadership skills by helping participants identify the various traits and characteristics that make effective leaders, to enhance group leadership skills through team building that promotes cooperation, trust and confidence among members of a group.  Finally, the last session will be to educate participants about the ways in which they can apply personal and group leadership skills in order to benefit the community.  At the third session, participants will be challenged to apply the leadership skills learned at the workshop during the upcoming year.  A follow-up session will be held during the 1998-1999 school year at which time participants will have an opportunity to share with one another how they have applied their leadership skills in a positive way to benefit the community.  The first workshop was held on July 17, 18, & 19, 1998 at the F. K. Bemis International Center located on the St. Norbert College campus.


Alternative High School Life Skills Programs

The team goal was to assist students at the Green Bay Alternative High School, and more importantly, beyond.  We prepared four programs covering areas of great importance that will aid students as they leave high school and merge into the work force in Brown County.  The areas covered include:  “What Comes After High School?” “How To Live On Your Own”, “Personal Finance” and “Work Ethics and How to Keep A Job”.  These programs are designed as “Shelf Programs” that may be presented as a monthly series in the spring of the year.  The contents of the programs will be packaged so that a civic or service organization can present the programs year after year.


Develop an Advisory Council for the Adolescent Parenting Coalition

After much investigation into the area of teen pregnancy and the ability for teen parents to access services in order to meet their basic and educational needs, the team has discovered an organization called the Adolescent Parenting Coalition.  This organization is formed from a volunteer group of individuals who are all involved with various agencies who assist teen parents.  We found the group to be in need of the following:  Fund Raising/Financial Support; Strategic Planning; Community Awareness; and Technical Assistance.  The team developed an Advisory Council for the Adolescent Parenting Coalition.  This Advisory Council would be made up of appropriate individuals within the Green Bay community whose talents, resources and passion for the cause will provide guidance to the Coalition in the areas outlined above.  By forming this Advisory Council, the coalition core members believe that they can develop and implement, on a long-term basis, the resources necessary to carry out the mission and objectives of their organizations. 



Community Connections

The team’s mission was develop a process in which specific community needs and resources can identified and communicated to the network of Leadership Green Bay Alumni and participants in an ongoing and timely manner.  The team will work with the Leadership Green Bay Newsletter staff on a section called Community Connections.  This section will highlight an agency or organization that is already active in the community.  After showing the needs of the agency, it will offer an opportunity for the Leadership Green Bay Alumni to participate in finding solutions for them.  Many current and past Leadership Green Bay members want to volunteer, however, they are not aware of some of these program needs.  This method of communication will enable them to identify areas where their talents can be effectively applied.  This team plans to commit two years to this project at which time they will have turned it over to a sub-committee to continue on. 


Bay Beach Amusement Park Train Depot

The team project is to facilitate the construction of a “Depot “ for the train ride attraction at Bay Beach Amusement Park.  Individual sub-projects include the design development, material procurement, solicitation of construction bids, interior design (to include historical content), risk management, solicitation of funds for project expenses, solicitation of cultural interest in the enhancement of Bay Beach, and in particular, the Train Amusement.  Ultimately, this enhancement of Bay Beach of the train ride will provide added enjoyment for all ages, provide a historical background of transportation in Northeast Wisconsin and Bay Beach Amusement Park, encourage tourism, and enhance the experience of riding the amusement.


“Changing Faces of Our Community”

The team is focusing on the migration experience of four Southeastern Asian families to Green Bay.  We believe there is a need to educate the community about the cultural, economic, and educational difference of these newcomers to our city.  After interviewing these families, they will publish their stories and pictures in booklet form, which will be printed and made available as a resource for local educational institutions, businesses, and service agencies.


Cottage Industry Feasibility Study

The team conducted a feasibility study of a partnership between Fort Howard/Jefferson School Neighborhood Family Resource Center and neighborhood residents who may start cottage industries.  Team members researched and presented information on a number of factors, which will be considered if this partnership is carried out.  These include impact of an income-producing venture on the Center’s non-profit status, risk management issues, existing community resources, and pertinent regulations, drafting a screening.



Literacy Council Tutor Recruitment Plan

The team created a recruitment plan to attract and retain an adequate base of volunteer tutors to meet the needs of the Literacy Council of Brown County.  The recruitment plan the team drew up systematically allows the Literacy Council staff to select and implement their publicity and recruitment events on a monthly basis.  As part of this plan they also created a brochure that will be one of the tools to help promote volunteerism for the Literacy Council of Brown County. 


Parent Network News

This team project was a pilot newsletter that would communicate the opportunities and successes of Parent Networks to address the value of parent involvement in their children’s education.  This newsletter addressed significant issues parents and children face through the schooling years.  In addition, a manual was compiled to define the execution steps needed to regularly produce a parent newsletter. 


Friends of the Pal’s Program

The Pal’s Program administered by Brown County Social Services serves children 3-8 years of age.  The program currently has a list of 60 children that need to be matched with adult role models.  This group’s goal was to provide the program with increased visibility and support.  They identified three areas of need which included: l) developed marketing strategies to promote the Program. 2) Increasing volunteer participation, and 3) developed support for ongoing program activities.



The PARKID (Positive Activities Responding to Kids Interests and Diversities) Program was developed to address the fact that the public park systems and programs are viewed as a non-essential service due to the lack of public awareness, involvement and political support. The program is designed to facilitate Green Bay Park and Recreation Department programming in an effort to increase participation and awareness by creating a survey to identify the interest of children in park and recreational activities. 



Careers 2000

The team chose to assist the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Partners in Education program with the marketing and development of a new Community Career Center, Careers 2000.  The new center will be one of only eight such facilities in the state and will be located on the NWTC campus.


A “How To” Manual on Organizing an Annual Recognition Event

A “How To” manual was developed to help guide organizing an Annual Recognition Event.  The event will honor various individuals, groups and businesses that work throughout the year to provide alternative activities and events for our youth that do not involve drugs or alcohol.  This manual will show how the group set up committees and made decisions on the eight categories that should be represented with award nomination forms.  The team project was done in partnership with the Green Bay Drug Alliance.



The goal was to minimize the alarming increase in gang activity by increasing community awareness of gangs and promoting intervention as a means for prevention.  The team developed two pamphlets that listed information and answered questions regarding gang involvement in the area.  Along with the written communications, they worked with WBAY-TV to gain commitment for airtime regarding this topic, and were featured in a three-day series in June.


Youth Yellow Pages

The team project was to produce a Youth Yellow Pages service directory for Brown County to help young people deal with various topics and issues in their lives.  The Youth Yellow Pages offer information on numerous topics pertinent to adolescence such as alcohol and drugs, gang activity, teen suicide, things to do, weight problems, eating disorders, etc.  The goal is to help young people become more aware of the agencies and organizations that can provide services and/or referrals.



The Greater Green Bay Discovery Tour

The Discovery Tour takes fourth-graders on a bus tour of historic sites in the Green Bay area. The program is designed to work with the fourth-grade curriculum in teaching about Green Bay’s history and environmental concerns. The tours are narrated by Leadership Green Bay Alumni that have a preprinted script to follow. The Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Partners in Education schedule the tours and took over this program.


Winter Festival Project

This team project was designed to make Green Bay winters more appealing. The festival would be patterned after those held in other northern cities.  A great deal of research went into this project and feasibility studies were compiled to see about combining some of the events already in place.


Leadership Green Bay – What has Been the Impact? Survey

A survey was developed to address the Alumnus of the Leadership Green Bay Program. This was done in an effort to determine the program’s effectiveness. The Steering Committee has utilized this information in an effort to enhance the existing program.


Park Pride Program

This program was designed after the “Adopt-A-Classroom” project to launch a community support program for cleaning up and maintaining our area parks. The response was so great that they were able to turn this program over to the Green Bay Parks Department to handle the operations.



Cultural Diversity

A half-day program was developed for Leadership Green bay, which explores various cultures, and the role that leaders can play in “celebrating the diversity of our community.”


Through Yesterday’s Eyes

With the help of NWTC, a video was produced which features the perspectives of everyday folks – farmers, railroad workers, general laborers – who recall what life was like in Green Bay during the Depression Era. The video captures the spirit of lifelong residents in an oral documentation of historical Green Bay.


Historical Downtown Green Bay…A Walking Tour

The restoration of the Brown County Courthouse and the 175th anniversary of the County were deciding factors for doing an historical walk in downtown Green Bay.  The team project is intended to aid in the revitalization of downtown and attract people to the area by making them aware of what our City Center has to offer.


Teen Talk line

Studies have proven that good youth based programs with caring, supportive leadership offer the best prevention services and provide timely access to professional help for those teens that need it.  An action plan outlining the necessary steps to recruit, promote and implement a teen talk line was developed.  The talk line would provide accessible, “no risk” help for teenagers experiencing difficulties.



Help Our Homeless

A presentation to promote community awareness of the issues of homelessness in the Green Bay area was created.   This team also served as advocates for those who already provide services for the homeless, in particular, the homeless shelters and elementary schools that serve our communities’ homeless children.


Share Our Surplus

Restaurants, caterers, produce markets, grocery stores, corporate dining rooms, school and university dining rooms, bakeries, cafeterias, hospital kitchens, delicatessens, etc., all have unused or unserved food that would normally go to waste.  This is where Share Our Surplus helped our community.  The food is now collected and then distributed by Paul’s Pantry.


Job Search Club Program

Boys and Girls Club had reviewed a Job Search program used by the national organization, but did not have the resources or time to introduce the program effectively in the Green Bay area.  This team developed a strategic plan for Boys and Girls Club to introduce Job Search to the community, providing linkages to other resources and programs in the city.



This team’s objective was to address the lack of community awareness regarding child abuse in Brown County.  They focused on developing a video targeted toward an audience of parents and teachers.  The video defines the types of abuse, statistically describes the scope of the problem, outlines the signs and symptoms of abuse and presents the impact of child abuse on the victim.  This product was produced at no charge by both area cable networks.  The video is also available as a resource to the community through several outlets.




This team project worked to develop and market the Adopt-A-Classroom program.  Its mission is to help at-risk children have a positive school experience, which means building self-esteem, enjoy learning, and staying in school.  This program is one form of partnership between business and education, helping children to become well-adjusted, productive members of our society.  To learn about Adopt-A-Classroom, this project group adopted a first grade class at Nicolet Elementary School.


School Attendance: The Key to Success

The problem of increasing truancy in the Green Bay Area Public Schools was recognized by this group.  The goals were to increase awareness of this problem and to stress the importance of school attendance in the successful development of our young people.  A brochure entitled “School Attendance: The Key to Success” was developed and distributed to parents of over 12,000 K-8 students in their third-quarter report cards.  A media awareness campaign accompanied the release of this brochure.  A random sample was taken to measure the success in reaching at least 75% of the parents.


Job Skills Seminar for the Hmong People

Due to the high rate of unemployment and under-employment in the Hmong community, this team project choose to organize a “Job Skills Seminar.”  With a panel of Human Resource people as speakers, over 100 people from the Hmong community attended the seminar in the hopes of receiving knowledge of the skills needed to obtain and retain jobs in businesses that provide benefits and have potential for advancement. 


Shadow Program

The objective of this team was to assist high school students in evaluating potential career opportunities through hands-on experience.  To achieve this objective they established a shadow program, in coordination with the Green Bay School District, which matched high school students with local business people.  Each student spent approximately 4 or 5 hours with a business person engaged in an occupation in which the student has shown an interest.



Teens Activities Action Group

The purpose of this team project was to help teens become aware of what activities for them are in the Green Bay area.  A “Teen Calendar” was developed to be aired on TV or radio.


Green Bay Crime Prevention Board

This team worked to ensure the citizens in Green Bay the continuance of the city’s low crime rate and reputation through proactive crime prevention.  Working cooperatively with the Green Bay Crime Prevention Board, they worked to assist in fulfilling their mission.


Culture Shock Group

A calendar for the Northeastern Wisconsin Arts Council would be produced to help enhance the image of Green Bay and serve as a reference and scheduling resource, thereby helping to increase attendance at area cultural events.


Business-School Partnerships

The team worked to create awareness of the Schools-Business/Industry Partnership Program of the Green Bay Public Schools.  During the GBACC Business Fail ’90, the group “worked” the crowd to inform them of this program.  A marketing plan for the program was also developed and presented to the Partnership Program committee for their review.



Green Bay Botanical Garden

The team took on a project to focus on assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the Botanical Garden in various organizational areas.  The goal was to assist the Botanical Garden in providing them with an objective view of their operations while allowing our committee to learn about the special issues faced by a not-for-profit organization that is taking on a major project.


At Risk Children

The objective of this team project was to heighten community awareness of “At Risk Children” at the elementary level.  This was accomplished with an “At Risk Awareness Week” campaign through the use of our area media sources.  Speakers were also provided to various service organizations to inform their members of this issue.


Teen Week

A series of activities for teens was coordinated by this team to build awareness of the use of the Crisis Center.  Some activities arranged included free admission to the Boys and Girl Club; one scheduled hour of free skating at Rola-Rena Skating Rink and Wheel’N Motion; and free admission to the YMCA on a Saturday afternoon.  The week wrapped up with a free dance held at the YMCA.



Waterways Logo

The main objective of the team project was to raise the public’s awareness of one of natural resources – our waterways – represented primarily by the Fox River and the Lower Green Bay.  A logo was developed that would identify with the waterways through a public campaign of entries.


Fox River Brochure

The team project was anchored by the production/distribution of a full color brochure/map of the Fox River, including points and events of interest.  The goal was to promote the recreational use of the Fox River and those walkways/parkways nearby. 



Teenage Adoption

Worked with the WI Division of Community Services and the “Ours Through Adoption” group, they wrote and received a $10,000 grant from the state of WI to conduct an advertising/marketing awareness campaign.  A brochure for distribution to individuals and organizations interested in teenage adoption was also developed.


Heritage Hill Volunteers

Developed a survey to mail to Heritage Hill guide members seeking input on a profile for common characteristics of guild members.  After the results were analyzed, a report was prepared and presented to the guild with suggestions of ways to increase volunteerism at “The Hill.”


Teen Volunteerism

A video was produced titled “Why Volunteer? Opportunities for Teens.” The video was shown at 10 area high schools to nearly 10,000 students.  At the end of the presentation students were asked to complete a check-off card indicating areas of volunteer interest.  These were matched with agencies’ needs by the Volunteer Center.


Hmong Awareness

In order to bring awareness to the Green Bay community and illustrate specific needs of the Hmong culture in transition, a 15-minute slide-tape program was developed.  Presentations were made to clubs and organizations, classrooms, church groups and human service agencies in the metro area.  An attempt was made to solicit volunteers to assist the Hmong community in identifying areas of need. 


Pro Bono Program

Looked to create new ideas, strategies and energy to help Legal Services design and implement a more effective volunteer “pro bono” project and motivate private and corporate attorneys in the community to participate with meeting the legal needs of low-income people.



Future Leaders Forum

One-day program for high school juniors to prepare them for leadership. This became Brown County Team Leadership.

Cultural Awareness

Developed an Artstreet attraction to help promote multicultural awareness.

Operation Facelift

In a joint effort with Neighborhood Housing Service of Green Bay a massive volunteer effort involving homeowners, individuals, organizations and area businesses of general fix-up/clean-up projects in selected neighborhoods in the near west side of Green Bay.

Allouez Logo

Worked cooperatively with the Village of Allouez in the development of a progressive message/symbol to market and enhance its reputation.

Image of Green Bay

Given the premise that the image of a community is a reflection of the attitudes of its residents, the team developed and conducted a survey of a random sample of residents in the Green Bay area to give them an opportunity to express their views and attitudes.  A report was prepared and distributed to assist leaders and planners of tomorrow in espousing the virtues of our community. 



Teenage Pregnancy

Explored the issue of pre-natal health care for pregnant adolescents in the Green Bay area.

Runaway Children

Developed a public awareness campaign, aired by WFRV-TV 5.  The team worked in cooperation with the Labor Information & Referral Services Assoc. to develop posters dealing with this problem.  Posters were distributed to local industry and schools.

Child Abuse

Studied the problem of child abuse and neglect in the area.  Assessed agencies and organizations involved in managing this problem and work to pinpoint the areas of difficulty or conflict.   A report was developed from the information gathered and was distributed to the above managing agencies. 

Youth Chemical Dependency

Dealt with the problem of inadequate information on the availability of chemical dependency treatment programs for adolescents in the area.

Family Alcoholism

The team examined strategies that would attempt to break the cyclical pattern of alcohol dependency and held a workshop to address the issue of family alcoholism.