Signature Events

Current offers several signature events throughout the year of varying formats to accommodate most member interests. Whether you’re seeking a lighthearted, jovial option with other members or a professional leadership development experience, it’s all here for young professionals to experience.

The events listed here are classified as "signature events" because of the interest they draw and the active participation we experience from our members and the community as a whole. These events are heavily attended and provide a unique experience in each instance that will leave you anticipating what’s in store for next year.

CurrentWeek | May 14 - 21, 2020

Join us for this exciting week-long of opportunities celebrating young professionals! CurrentWeek is an opportunity for YPs to gain momentum in their professional development, discover new adventures in the community, contribute to meaningful conversations and provide an inclusive platform where the uniqueness and people of Greater Green Bay are celebrated.

We would like to thank our CurrentWeek event sponsors, Green Bay Packers and The City of Green Bay, who helped make this week possible!


Future 15 & Young Professional awards

This is an entertaining evening you don't want to miss! Recipients of our Future 15 awards program are honored and Young Professional of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Next Generation Best Place to Work are announced. This is Current’s most heavily attended event of the year serving up entertainment and laughter as emcees host an evening filled with inspiring tales of how young professionals are making a difference in our community and their professions.



Greater Green Bay SOUP is a forum in which community members can share their ideas for how to enhance the quality of life. Dinner is served at the forum and a micro-grant is awarded to one individual/organization from funds collected at the forum.


Leaders Luncheon

Current’s annual Leaders Luncheon brings together community leaders and young professionals in a celebration of programming accomplishments from the past year. Invited community leaders are placed at each table to allow an opportunity for young professionals to meet and interact with those who have significantly more leadership experience. Additionally, leaders are provided an opportunity to learn about the needs of area young professionals while Current discusses important issues and program initiatives related to our mission.