What is your Career Exploration Journey?

A multitude of career, education and job pathways can lead you to a successful future. No one's journey will look the same.
Use a simple four step process (called academic and career planning) to support your journey as you learn your interests, build your skill set, explore your passions, and take action to build a successful future!

Know Yourself
  • Take an interest assessment
  • Discover your skill sets
  • Learn about your personality traits
  • Find your learning style and education preferences

Explore Career Experiences
  • Learn more about career pathways
  • Start to explore the careers in action through on-site tours,  job shadows and volunteering
  • Interview someone already working in the field



Plan Your Journey
  • Choose classes to develop skill sets
  • Visit colleges and training programs to learn more about the options
  • Research how to pay for a credential - scholarships or paid-training.

Go with your life Skills
  • Start tracking your experience with a resume
  • Schedule a mock interview to practice
  • Apply for the training program or college
  • Get involved with a part-time job, internship, and/or volunteer.


plans change, interests evolve and skills develop.

If a career or education pathway ends up not being a fit, that's okay.
Revisit Step 1 - Know, to see if a new interest rises to the top.

It is important to begin early with exploring careers, as well as the life skills and education needed, to match your interests and life goals! Give yourself time to recalculate as needed.

Career Exploration Resources


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