EDUCATOR Event Information

The Find Your Inspiration event is designed to support the academic and career planning efforts already taking place our greater Green Bay area schools and districts. Through fun, hands-on experiences with businesses from our region, students have the opportunity to explore and ask questions about the educational pathways to obtain a career in their interest areas.

All educators - teachers, counselors and administrators - are encouraged to attend the Community Exploration Night event (Monday, November 4) to learn about Greater Green Bay careers, identify connections to their curriculum, and continue career education throughout the year with their students.

Additionally, educators are provided with a variety of resources linked below to assist in the academic and career planning conversations. More specially, there are per-event lesson plans to initiate the conversation about careers that exist in our community, the schooling/classes need to obtain the careers, and the earning potential of the  careers. These lesson plans include career profiles, event interactive map, and interest evaluations. Then, at the event, students will engage in fun activities that showcase career opportunities and converse with professionals currently working in those position. After the event, continued conversation with the students is encouraged through a post-event lesson plan, in which the students send a hand-written "thank you" post card to businesses thanking them for the experience. Additionally, student can reach out to the businesses that attended the event through the Your Future website to ask more questions, request job shadows, tours and/or mock interviews. 



Tuesday, Sept 24 from 3 - 4pm
Wednesday, Sept 25 from 8 - 9am