Join Leaders Club

One of our goals this year is to enhance the Leadership Green Bay alumni network. Communities around the world are facing unprecedented issues, challenges, and hardship as we emerge from the pandemic.

There is no better group of people to lead the Greater Green Bay area into the next chapter than you, Leadership Green Bay alumni. If our community is to be successful in the coming years and decades, we need all Leadership Green Bay alumni to be engaged and work toward solutions.

Your Leadership Green Bay journey did not end when you graduated. That was only the beginning. Now, we are calling you forth to continue your work in the community and join with other like-minded supporters who will improve the fabric of our region in spectacular ways.

We’ve made it easy to get involved this year! Please consider becoming a member of the Leaders Club where you will have access to the Welcome Breakfast, Legacy of Leadership and Commencement. You will also receive a t-shirt and a portion of your membership will go toward scholarships to ensure that we extend the life-changing opportunity of Leadership Green Bay to as many qualified leaders as possible.

For more information about becoming a Leaders Club member, please contact Ashley Skoczynski at